Why Teach in London?

Why Teach in London?
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While the cost of living may be high and TEFL salaries may be low, living in London is a dream for many people. When you have completed your TEFL course you will realise the world is your oyster, but what better way to start off a very exciting career than by living and working in the Big Smoke?The great thing about learning English in London is that it is undoubtedly the hub of TEFL teaching in the UK, or even in any English-speaking country. Students flock here en masse to enjoy English teachers who will teach them ‘real’ English. Since British English is the standard aspired to for so many people, it is logical to go to the source to learn it yourself. What this means is that your classes will be a mix of students from a variety of countries and backgrounds. It wouldn’t be unusual to find a middle-aged doctor from Libya, a 17-year old student from Kazakhstan and a 20-something chef from Brazil all in the same class, which makes for variety for you and your lessons.In terms of the TEFL market, once you have completed your TEFL course you will realise that the working conditions of TEFL teachers are very different from those of other teachers. TEFL teachers at language schools are paid on an hourly basis, meaning that if you teach 20 hours a week you will be paid for those 20 hours. What this also means is that you can work as hard as you like. If you only want to work 15 hours a week, that is acceptable for most schools, but if you want to work 35 hours a week, there will probably be enough students to give you those hours.Teaching in London, of course, is not all work and no play. Teaching in London will give you a chance to play as hard as you work. Drinks at the local pub or cocktails at a fancy wine bar with your colleagues is (almost) guaranteed, or how about dancing the night away in one of London’s many nightclubs – only at weekends, of course!  

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