Excursions in Brighton

Excursions in Brighton
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There are many sights in Brighton and chances are your students are not very familiar with the city. By basing your lesson on the city itself you’ll allow your students not only to engage with the target language but also learn about the city they’re living in.One task the students could do is come up with a quiz on questions they have about TEFL in Brighton or even the UK. These should be genuine questions on subjects that they are curious about (e.g. who is the Prime Minister of the UK?) or they could even be questions on the opinions of the locals (who do you think should be the next king?). Students can then take their questionnaires to the streets of Brighton and find people who are willing to chat to them. An Amazing Race-style activity may take some thought to organise but will definitely be appreciated by your students and can be used again and again with other classes. A popular activity in Brighton is to take a tour of the Royal Pavilion, a former Royal residence and possibly the most beautiful building in Brighton. There are official tours or you can take the students around yourself, and then there are beautiful gardens where you can stop for lunch. Then of course there is the Booth Museum of Natural History or the Sea Life Centre – the world’s oldest operating aquarium.When considering excursions to museums or art galleries, it’s important to ensure that you are well prepared. Your students are here to learn English and while an outing can sound like a great idea in theory, if the time is not spent well your students may consider it both a waste of their time and money. Preparing for these outings is not difficult, though. You can let your students do research before the outing and you can prepare an activity for the students to complete during the day. It’s always a good idea to confirm the logistics before you leave and it’s even better to run through the activity yourself first.All in all, taking your students on excursions is a great way to adapt your lessons to the real world and show off the city to your students.     

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