How to find private ESL teaching work

How to find private ESL teaching work
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If you are a trainee ESL teacher, you should first start by looking at the adverts for private ESL teachers on the student notice board. People will often contact your college in search of trainee ESL students for the purpose of private ESL lessons for their children; this is particularly true if you are training in a non English speaking country. The same applies if you are a novice ESL teacher; however, you should look on the staff notice board. You should also check the local English language newspapers.If you are working abroad, you will find that most private ESL lessons are advertised in the local English language newspapers. If you visit ‘onlinenewspapers’ at you will be able to get a detailed list of all the on line newspapers that are published in any country in the world: this is an excellent site for ‘globetrotting’ ESL teachers. Click on the example links below if you want to see the sort of information you can get: France: Egypt: you have accepted a post abroad or simply decided to work freelance abroad, go to the ‘onlinenewspapers’ site and search for the local English language newspapers that are available in your area. For instance, if you were teaching ESL in Florence in Italy, you could refer to ‘The Florentine’ in order to find private ESL tuition. You should normally look under the ‘classified adverts’ section for private tuition posts. You could even place an advert offering your services instead of waiting for work to appear.Another great place to find private tuition is on the freelance sites that can be found on the World Wide Web (WWW). Before you can take advantage of the work being advertised, you will have to become a member first – then you will have access to all the ESL jobs (and any other jobs advertised); you will also be pleased to know that the majority of freelance sites are free. As a member, you submit a proposal for the job, and the client sets the ESL teacher that is most appropriate for the job: a percentage of your fee will be retained by the freelance site. Here are few sites that you might like to visit (there are many more on the WWW): Guru: ; Freelancer: ; People Per Hour (PPH): ; Odesk: you are energetic and enthusiastic about finding private ESL tuition, you will find lots of work.    

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