Private teaching in Oxford

Private teaching in Oxford
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Language schools are expensive, especially for foreigners who are converting their pocket money into pounds, so you’ll find students looking to boost their language learning by having private lessons. If you don’t need the extra cash it’s usually possible to do a language exchange – weekly coffee chats, half in English, half in Chinese, for example. These lessons are great because they require minimal preparation, usually involve food or drink of some kind and carry with them the possibility of expanding your friendship circle. If you decide on more formal lessons, you can charge a rate much better than the one your school is giving you. For obvious reasons, schools don’t allow you to teach their students privately but if you find a student studying at another school then that shouldn’t offend anyone.Finding these students is relatively easy and the demand for private teaching is high. Your first port of call should be the Internet (Gumtree, for example), but keep an eye out on local noticeboards around the city. As Oxford is a university town, there are many visiting lecturers and professors who come from different countries to work at the university. Often they will bring their families with them. If these husbands or wives don’t speak English very well they will be looking for someone to teach them or even tutor their children if they are attending a local school. Students, too, may feel the need to brush up on their English skills in order to help them cope better at university.If you are keen to embrace the teaching experience from another angle it’s possible to host a language student. For a monthly sum, all you are required to do is eat meals with your student and let them stay with you. The circumstances of the contract will vary from school to school, but if you have a nice place to stay and a few spare rooms, this is a great opportunity to earn some money on the side. Again, it may make sense to take in students from a school other than the one you are teaching in, or you risk being with your student 24/7.So while language schools may be the first thought if you have just done your TEFL course, know that there are other opportunities out there. 

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