Why do private ESL tuition?

Why do private ESL tuition?
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Experience can be gained in more than one way: private ESL tuition is also a form of ESL experience. Although your potential employers will not value your private ESL experience as much as your ESL classroom experience, it is, nevertheless, a valuable teaching experience. It will provide you with a deeper insight into how students think and learn English - or for that matter any other academic subject. Your experience of working with the individual can be applied to the classroom, where you will be in a stronger position to identify problems that the individuals in your class face because you will have ‘unwittingly’ trained yourself to recognise familiar problems that your private ESL students have experienced.As a private ESL tutor, you can greatly help students who are slow learners. It often happens that some students experience difficulty in learning English. Without the provision of extra teaching time, these students fall back so much that it eventually becomes very difficult to help them progress. Unfortunately, a lot of schools have only limited resources and time, so they cannot provide the extra lessons needed to help slow learners.Similarly, you can be of great benefit to fast learners. The private ESL teacher will be able to progress those students who have exceptional linguistic abilities, so they can realise their full potential. This could mean sitting ESL language exams at an earlier date, thus freeing up time for other academic studies.Freelance teaching is another reason for doing private ESL tuition. Having done one or two years of ESL teaching in schools, you might find – for whatever reason – that working in an educational institution is not for you even though you enjoy teaching ESL. If this is the case, freelance private ESL tuition would be ideal for you.Money is always a reason: the extra money could go towards travel and entertainment. Alternatively, you might be saving up for the deposit on a house or some other substantial purchase. The extra money could cover some of your day-to-day expenses while at the same time more of your salary could be saved.Finally, if you are fortunate enough to be recommended by the ‘right people’, private ESL tuition can be a very prestigious occupation: just imagine how prestigious it would be to be some president’s son’s private ESL tutor. It would also be an excellent job reference for further ESL freelance work.

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