Red tape for ESL teachers in Cambodia

Red tape for ESL teachers in Cambodia
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You will be pleased to know that Cambodia is one of the easiest countries in S.E. Asia in which to get a visa- you don’t even require a work permit! You can apply for a type E visa – which is a business visa. You can obtain it either in the country immediately on arrival (a thirty minute process) or at the Cambodian embassy in your country. In the UK, visit When you make your business visa application, you will also be in for another pleasant surprise: you won’t be required to submit your TEFL qualifications and an enormous pile of documents. All you will require is a passport that is valid for at least six months and a passport photo. Furthermore, your business visa can be extended indefinitely, and most educational institutions are more than pleased to assist ESL teachers with their visa extensions: this can be done at the Immigration Department or at a travel agent’s.This visa allows one visit only, and the maximum length of stay is one month commencing from your date of arrival, within the three month period of its validity. If you leave Cambodia but then return within the one month period of the date of issue of the visa, you will have to make a new application. You can extend this visa for one, three, six, or twelve months. Alternatively, you can get an on line tourist visa using the e-Visa system. the e-Visa system, you simply apply for a visa online and pay with a credit card in advance. Your visa will be sent to you by email. You can then print out the tourist visa and present it to the immigration authorities when you arrive in Cambodia. The visa allows you to enter the country once, and it is valid for thirty days. It can be used to enter Cambodia at Phnom Penh and certain other border crossings. Alternatively, you can get the tourist visa (a thirty minute process) immediately on arrival in Cambodia. Whether you apply for a visa from home, from the embassy, or on arrival in Cambodia, red tape is effectively non-existent in Cambodia. 

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