What is TEFL Certification and why is it important?

What is TEFL Certification and why is it important?
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With a TEFL certification, teachers can: Qualify for teaching jobs.  The minimum entry requirement for most well paid jobs, with the best packages, is a level 5 TEFL certificate.  Gain the skills required to teach abroad. A TEFL certification prepares you to teach English language skills, plan lessons for foreign language learners, refresh your understanding of English grammar concepts and more. Stand out in job applications. Even in situations where the hiring school has not explicitly listed a TEFL certification as a requirement, it is always considered a strong asset and could help set you apart from candidates who are not TEFL certified. Earn a higher salary with more reputable schools. Teachers with a TEFL certificate qualify for teaching positions with more reputable schools, which means better benefits and higher salaries. Do I need a TEFL Certification to Teach English Abroad? The answer is YES. The minimum entry requirement for most well paid jobs, with the best packages, is a level 5 TEFL certificate.  A TEFL qualification can also help you in countries where obtaining a visa may otherwise be very difficult. Your TEFL Certificate is an important document that can help you find a job teaching English as a foreign language. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have received training and reached the required standard to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. If you have been browsing the internet looking for courses, you might have noticed that there are different certifications. These include: TEFL CELTA TESOL TEFL and TESOL are certificates awarded to students who have studied to teach English as a foreign language to adults and children. CELTA is a certificate in English language teaching to adults only. Why Study for a TEFL Certificate? If you want to teach English as a foreign language there are a few things that you should bear in mind: - You should know how to teach - You should have an awareness of what teaching a classroom of students is all about - You should understand what you’re teaching - You should be able to plan and execute your English classes If you don’t study for a TEFL course, then there will be things you don’t know. and you won’t get the all important TEFL Certificate.  Yes, you might have an excellent grasp of the English language, but do you know what to do with a mixed ability class or how to teach effectively for 50 minutes or more? You’ll learn how to teach reading, writing, listening and talking. You’ll be given grammar lessons and tips on teaching grammar points. If you take the combined course, you’ll also get to know what it’s like to stand up in front of a class of students and do some teaching. By studying with The TEFL Academy you’ll be taught what you need to know to begin your career teaching English as a foreign language. There are things you will learn as you become more experienced, but the certification course will give you a solid framework. That means when you do start your first job, although it will be nerve-wracking, you know you’ve got some solid training behind you. So now you know the reasons why you should study for a TEFL Certificate.

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