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There is no doubt about it, doing a TEFL course online is a guaranteed way to bring some excitement into your life. Many TEFL providers speak about a 120 hour TEFL course being the be all and end all of the TEFL world. However, at The TEFL Academy our sole purpose is to ensure that our students are in the best possible place to get the best TEFL jobs out there. We do this through our Level 5 Courses (168 hours). We do this  because TEFL employers that offer the best opportunities with the most competitive packages are now asking for Level 5 TEFL qualifications.

120 Hour TEFL Course

So many providers of TEFL out there will offer courses that are not at the Level 5 mark of qualification. Even though some of these courses, like a 120 hour TEFL course for example might be accepted by some recruiters and schools, TEFL teachers that want to get work with the top employers who have the best jobs and working conditions should get a Level 5 TEFL qualification. Where the 168 hours comes in is that in order to be considered a Level 5 course, it must be longer than 150 hours in length. In our experience of the TEFL world, which goes back a while, we have never seen any employers that ask their candidates for over 168hrs of TEFL training. 

Level 5 Qualifications

What you don’t get after completing a 120 hour TEFL course is a really solid qualification that is recognised world wide. We are the world’s only TEFL course provider that is recognised by both the UK and US governments. The course is recognised by Ofqual in (UK government department). This is awarded by Qualifi, a UK government recognised awarding body). Our course is also recognised in the US by DEAC which meets the criteria of Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC). The DEAC is a U.S Department of Education National Accreditor. 

Let’s put Level 5 into context for a second. Take the UK for example, an A Level (End of second level school qualification) is a Level 3 qualification. So, by completing our course you are gaining a qualification that is on par with a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) or Higher National Diploma (HND). Likewise in the US, a High School Diploma or GED is considered a Level 3 Qualification, with our Level 5 TEFL course you will have the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree, which is also Level 5. 

Who is This Course for?

One of the most amazing things about TEFL is that practically anyone can do it. Whatever stage of life you are at, you can do it! The proof of this is in the wide variety of students that we deal with. You might have just finished school or university and are unsure of what the next step is, or perhaps you have just retired and still have the desire to work/teach on your own terms. Teaching english with a TEFL qualification is a really great source of income while at the same time gaining personal experience as you travel or teach english online. It’s flexibility in terms of what you want to get out of it for temporary work or even a full career is second to none! 

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What are the Requirements?

The barriers to entry for TEFL thankfully low. All you need to do is meet a couple of criteria to be eligible to study TEFL and ultimately teach! These criteria are the following;

  • Be a fluent English speaker
  • Be older than 16 years of age
  • The wish to pass on the invaluable skill of being able to speak English

People often ask us about what level of English they need to be at themselves in order to teach English. The answer to this is simple, you will need to be at a C1 level of English yourself as a minimum. This is not so much of an issue for native English speakers as they will naturally be above this level.

120 hour tefl course

What You Will Learn

There are basically 10 mandatory units that a student takes on our online TEFL course. Some units are exam-assessed. For other units it is coursework-assessed. In total a student receives 6 months to complete the qualification, which is more than enough time to get it done to be honest. Some students even complete their qualification within 4-6 weeks. 

Here is a full breakdown of what our 168 hour Online Course looks like by unit;

  • Lesson Planning
  • Teaching English Vocabulary
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Understanding English Grammar
  • Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
  • Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Materials and Aids for Teaching English/Classroom Management Strategies
  • Using Resources Effectively when Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Case Study, CV and Cover Letter, Job Sites and Resources

Starting Afresh

When you are finished your TEFL course, if you have put in the effort and the work and done all the assignments and assessments. You will be awarded with a shiny, new 168 hour online TEFL certificate, which you will use to wow employers and impress your friends. As opposed to others with a tefl 120 hour certificate. After that, who knows? You could end up on a beach in Phuket teaching English to hotel employees, or in a village in Malaysia teaching English to local teachers. With a 168 hour online TEFL certificate under your belt, you could end up anywhere.

A TEFL Course is your key to starting afresh. Doing something you’ve probably never thought about doing or possibly never even thought you could. If you are willing to give up an amount of your free free time for 4-6 weeks – to embark on an outrageously awesome adventure then our 168 hour online TEFL Course (as opposed to a 120 hour tefl course) is just what you’ve been looking for.

What’s more, there are roughly 1.5 billion people worldwide that want to learn English so for this reason career opportunities are vaste! It is as simple as becoming qualified with us to teach english online and abroad internationally.


Costs level 5 course

Mari vd Walt, 17th January 2021

I passed my 120 TEFL course long time ago and I didn’t teach after finished my online course because of personal problems.
I would like to know if the certificate still valid if I want to teach in the future?
Also, I would like to know if I want to do the level 5 168 hours do I need to do everything again or just the hours I didn’t made.


Debora, 27th April 2019

I would like to enroll with TEFL 120 hour, how much Is the course? Could you please assist me with the information..
Thank you.

Pulane Mogapi, 18th March 2019

Hi There
I am currently enrolled at a university, studying to get my bachelors degree. Am I still able to enrol for the 120 hour TEFL online course and if so will this certification allow me to apple for teaching jobs online, as I want to teach while studying in South Africa? I have previous experience as a tutor. Would you please email me the prices.
Many thanks.

Rachel Wilkinson, 12th March 2019


How can I register to do business analysis as an online course. Please let me know the requirements and what to expect
Thanks you.

Farai, 12th January 2019

Extremely Interested in the course.

Please mail me the prospectus with cost so that I can peruse.

Are there any courses after October 2018?

Llewellyn Felaar, 12th May 2018

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Accreditation Partners

The TEFL Academy was the world’s first TEFL course provider to receive official recognition from government regulated awarding bodies in both the USA and UK. This means when you graduate you’ll hold a globally recognised Level 3 (120hr) Certificate or Level 5 (168hr) Diploma, meaning you can find work anywhere and apply for jobs immediately.

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