Chapter 01

classroom management can be a problem in the online classroom

Introduction to TEFL/TESOL

Both TEFL and TESOL relate to the idea of teaching English to non-native speakers as a second or foreign language. Although they differ in specific detail, by and large these terms are used interchangeably.

TEFL certification is the qualification you need to teach English as a second or foreign language. Regardless of which country you’d like to teach in, TEFL certification will either be required by law or preferred by employers in order to qualify for TEFL jobs.

Find out more about the basics of TEFL/TESOL in the following sections:

What Is TEFL & How To Get Certified?

What Is TESOL & How To Get Certified?

TESOL vs. TEFL: What’s The Difference?

TEFL Accreditation Explained & Why It’s Important

Is TEFL Hard To Pass & Is it Worth It?

How To Legalise My TEFL Certificate

Chapter 02

Becoming TEFL Certified

If you’re interested in teaching English as a foreign language, becoming TEFL certified is the 1st step towards realising that goal.

In this chapter, we’ll explore requirements for teaching English abroad, how to get TEFL certified, how to choose the right TEFL course, and different job opportunities for TEFL teachers.

How To Get TEFL Certified

Is TEFL Hard To Pass & Is it Worth It?

How Much Does TEFL/TESOL Certification Cost?

Government Teaching Programs

Is A Master’s In TESOL/TEFL Worth It?

Teaching Business English: Requirements & Opportunities

Chapter 03

Skimatalk: a company for teaching English online without a degree

Teaching English Online

Is teaching English online still a viable option to make extra income? How do I qualify and how much can I expect to make? Where can I find online teaching jobs?

In this chapter, we answer this and many other questions we get from prospective TEFL teachers. Here you’ll learn how to qualify for online teaching jobs and get your first gig.

Requirements For Teaching English Online

Teach English Online With No Degree

Teach English Online With No Experience

11 Best Places To Teach English Online With No Degree [2024]

Teach English Online To Korean Students

Teach English Online To Chinese Students

Teach English Online To Japanese Students

Teach English Online To Spanish Speakers

Online Teaching Jobs Salary: How Much Can You Really Earn?

5+ Organisations Where You Can Volunteer To Teach English Online

Chapter 04

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Teaching & Living Abroad

Up to this point in the guide, you have gained an understanding of TEFL and how to become qualified, but there is still more to know. Preparing to live in a foreign country involves careful consideration of various factors such as potential earnings, startup costs, and cost of living in your destination country.

Teaching English Abroad Salaries: Which 10 Countries Pay The Most?

Do You Have To Pay Taxes While Teaching Abroad?

How To Teach English Abroad In Your Gap Year

Requirements To Teach English Abroad: 10 Questions Answered

Start-Up Costs For Prospective TEFL Teachers: How Much To Budget For

Teaching Abroad With A Family: Is It Doable?

TEFL Interview Questions And How to Answer Them