Published 8th December 2017

When you first start out as a TEFL teacher, you can be excused for thinking that all TEFL jobs involve teaching children in a government school in Asia. This is probably the most prevalent idea of TEFL and to be fair it is what a lot of TEFL teachers will go on to do. However, this is only one of a whole range of teaching situations you may find yourself in.

Intrigued? Read on.

Teacher at a language institute

When you are looking for jobs you will find that there are a lot of positions in language institutes. A language institute is a private language school. It might offer classes to school students before or after school or, more commonly, to adult students. These students may come for classes in the evenings after work, on weekends or during the day if they are studying full-time.

In-house teacher

Business English is becoming more and more popular around the world. Though a degree or experience in business is not essential it is very useful and if you have either you may find yourself teaching Business English in-house in a company. You will either be employed by the company as a freelancer or you’ll be contracted out by a language institute. Either way, you will conduct your lessons in the company offices, which means you will be teaching in a very formal environment.

Summer camp teacher

Summer camps are great because they offer short-term teaching contracts usually in a nice destination, so even though you are working you can feel like you are on a bit of a holiday yourself! Summer camp teachers can be residential, when you stay on the premises of the summer camp, or day teachers, when you arrive at the camp every day as you would for a normal job. Summer camp teachers usually only teach for a couple of hours a day and your lessons are expected to be fun. Besides teaching you will probably be asked to participate in sports, music or arts and crafts events. A huge plus of summer camps are the excursions. Basically, as a summer camp teacher (especially if you are in a foreign country) you can experience all the tourist activities for free!

Online TEFL teacher

More and more TEFL teachers are deciding to teach from the comfort of their own home, but this is not the only reason to become an online TEFL teacher. Online teaching is a good way to supplement your income because you can decide when you want to teach so you can work it around your regular teaching schedule. This is helpful for low seasons when student numbers might not be high and you don’t have as many classes as you usually do, or during school holidays.

English tutor

Tutoring positions are not that common but those that are, are usually pretty good catches. Tutoring involves teaching a child or children of a family. These children want extra private lessons after school or perhaps are homeschooled. Being an English tutor gives you a lot of freedom in your teaching, as you are often encouraged to take the children out to learn in the real world. If you have a teaching qualification, you could even be employed as a full-time teacher, which means you will be provided with meals and accommodation.

As you will by now have realised, a TEFL career is a very flexible one. Having a TEFL certificate means that you may find yourself anywhere in the world, teaching in any number of situations.