Published 16th August 2018

Private TEFL Tutor

If you’re working abroad teaching English as a foreign language, you’ll probably find you’ve got time on your hands. You can make use of this time by teaching English as a TEFL private tutor.

You will not only earn more money by private tutoring, but you will also get to know more local people, which could help you with your own language learning.

The first thing to check before you take on new students and begin teaching as a TEFL private tutor is your work contract from your school. Some schools don’t want their teachers to work privately and they will make this a clause in your contract. This means if you want to teach privately you will have to go about it without advertising too much.

If you don’t have any clauses in your contracts, then start by telling the teachers you already work with that you want to teach English as a TEFL private tutor. It could be that colleagues who are already doing this can recommend students to you. You never know, they might have been turning down students due to lack of time and they would welcome being able to suggest another teacher.

Another way to find students is to advertise as a TEFL private tutor. Visit your local college, library or university. Make up a flyer and post it on the information board. Don’t waste an opportunity to tell people either. If you use a local shop for instance tell the owner, you teach English and maybe they will let you put up a notice in the shop window.

Start off by offering a free taster session to attract students. Once you have a student offer them a free lesson or a class discount if they recommend their family or friends. You’ll usually find that once one student starts coming to you that others will follow as your reputation grows.

You could also build up enough students to go full-time as a TEFL private tutor. This will mean you have more flexibility with your working day and you can choose the type of English and students you prefer to teach. For example, you might prefer teaching business English to adults or general English to young learners.