Published 28th August 2018

TEFL Internship

You’ve passed your TEFL course with The TEFL Academy and now you’re qualified to teach English abroad. You’ve been looking at the jobs available. Are you having difficulty deciding where to go, or are you nervous about starting a new job so far from home? A TEFL Internship could be the answer.

The solution: A TEFL Internship

Instead of tying yourself down to a full-time contract for the whole of the school year, why not take a TEFL internship? Want to know why it’s a good idea? Read on…

Short Duration TEFL Internship

Although there are internships available for a year, there are plenty of short-term jobs on offer. This means you’ll only be away from home for between 3 and 6 months. Not enough time to get really homesick, but enough to decide whether or not you like the country. A TEFL internship gives you the chance to experience life as someone who is working rather than holidaying.

The short duration means you could even try two countries in the space of a year to help you decide which one you like the best.

You Get Paid

A TEFL Internship offers a stipend to EFL teachers. Many placements also include accommodation or a rent allowance. Plus, in some cases you can get a refund or some money towards the cost of your airfare. That means you can join a TEFL internship without worrying how you’re going to live.


Many TEFL internships also offer an orientation course. This will be of real benefit to you if you are a first-time teacher.  You’ll get to know about your location, it’s history and how to get around.


As an intern you’ll be treated like a student, so you’ll offered plenty of support and guidance during your time in the country on your TEFL Internship. The time you spend in the classroom will give you valuable experience that will also look good on your CV.

The TEFL Academy Internships

Have a browse through the internships on offer. There are plenty of places to choose from with durations of between 3 months and a year.

  • Browse the offers
  • Pick the one which appeals to you most
  • Make the application online

You could soon be on your way to a great adventure!