Published 28th November 2018

DIY EFL materials

Sourcing materials and resources for our English as a Foreign Language lessons is a vital part of our jobs as EFL teachers. Our materials can make or break our lessons and utilising the most appropriate and effective resources is usually our number one goal when planning our lessons. One way to guarantee you are using the best EFL materials is to make them yourself, but this can be really time-consuming. Instead why not make use of the many DIY EFL materials websites out there to save you valuable time.

DIY EFL Materials Websites


Fodey lets you create your very own newspaper articles. You add in the name of the newspaper, the date of the article, and the story and it’ll generate an authentic-looking newspaper article.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is a website which has hundreds of worksheets available for you to download – not only on English but also Maths, Literacy and other subjects. This is a membership site which costs $20 a year. However if you don’t subscribe there are still loads of worksheets free to use. You also have access to the worksheet generator which you can use to create Bingo, flashcards, wordsearches, multiple choice quizzes and others worksheets. is another website for worksheets. You can use it to create matching worksheets, sorting worksheets and word scrambling worksheets. All very useful for vocabulary lessons.

The Teacher’s Corner

The Teacher’s Corner lets you create your own wordsearches. How this site is different is that you can customise your wordsearch. You can change the font of the words, the placement of the words (forward, backward, diagonal) and even the shape of the wordsearch (diamond, heart, tree, for example).

Cambridge English Online

Cambridge English Online has a fantastic flashcard making tool. It has images for you to choose from or you can upload your own. You can add in text if you want, or even phonemic script. It sizes them correctly and all you have to do is print and laminate them.


ESL HQ is another website which offers you lots of different worksheet options. You can make board games, jumbled sentences worksheets, true or false worksheets and loads more.


You might already be familiar with Canva, but did you know it has worksheet templates for English lessons? Choose from book reviews, writing exercises, essay planning worksheets and storyboards. All you have to do is customise them to suit your needs.

Even though finding resources or creating your own materials for your EFL lessons are an important part of the lesson planning process, there is no need for it to take up all of your time. The beauty of the internet is that there are so many websites that you can use to make DIY EFL materials. Don’t waste your time re-inventing the wheel. Use these websites to make the best resource  DIY EFL materials for you and your students.

You can have fun with DIY EFL materials.