Published 9th May 2019

travel essentials

There’s a distinct feeling everyone gets when they pull their suitcase out of the cupboard and open it up on their bed to pack for an overseas trip. It may be a feeling of dread of not knowing where to begin, or excitement about the upcoming trip, but it’s important to be sure you’ve packed everything you need for your travels. Do I need a shorts and light clothing, or a jacket and a coat? While we may not be able to give you advice on how many pairs of shoes to pack, there are a few travel essentials you shouldn’t leave home without when teaching abroad.

Four Travel Essentials

Copies of your documents

It goes without saying that carrying certified copies of your documentation is a must when travelling. Losing your passport could be detrimental so make copies of your personal documents, including passport, visas, driving licence, and teaching certificates in case anything goes walkabout. It’s always great to have these copies stored digitally somewhere, such as in the cloud where you can access them from anywhere in the world should you need to print off any copies, but having a few hard copies on hand is wise in the event you don’t have access to technology.

Adapters and converters

We all know the feeling of lugging your favourite technology halfway across the world only to discover you can’t use it when you get to your destination. Nothing is more frustrating than a laptop with a dead battery or a phone that has 5% left and not charger in sight. Make sure you find out what kind of adapters or converters you may need so that your gadgets and appliances will work.

Phrasebook and guidebook

It’s always fun trying to get by in a new country with the basic phrases you’ve picked up along the way, but with a phrasebook under your arm you’ll have a higher chance of communicating successfully with people until you’ve picked up enough of the language. Learning key phrases will help you be courteous and friendly as well as buying supplies from the local market. The guidebook will help you find the best markets and restaurants to visit, and with your new knowledge of basic phrases, you’ll be able to place your order and actually know what you’re eating.

Grammar reference book

You never quite know what kind of resources your school may have at its disposal so taking along a grammar reference book can stand you in good stead in case you need to brush up on anything. We all take access to WiFi networks for granted when coming from established cities and internet isn’t always accessible in smaller towns and villages abroad, so it’s important to prepare yourself for this possibility.

While it may be tough to say goodbye to your favourite pillow or teddy bear, the above travel  essentials are a must when travelling abroad, so don’t forget to pack them before setting off on your adventure.