Published 4th June 2019

solo travellers

Being a TEFL teacher generally means you suffer from itchy feet. If all we wanted to do was teach English we could do that in our hometown. Instead we do a TEFL certificate and find a TEFL job somewhere outside our postal code so that we can teach and travel. Most people enjoy travelling with their significant other or friends, but there is a lot to be said for travelling  alone. We’ve selected 7 awesome destinations for solo travellers.

You can decide what you want to do and how to do it. You can set your own schedule and change your mind at the last minute without bothering anyone. And, if you’re needing a bit of companionship, chances are you’ll meet some friendly people to hang out with anyone.

Now that you’re all geared up and ready to go exploring on your own, read on for some awesome destinations you should consider visiting.

7 destinations we recommend for solo travellers

Reykjavik, Iceland

Safety is always going to be a concern when travelling solo. Iceland is considered the safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. As a result, it’s very popular with solo travelers. Plus there’s so much to do in Iceland, from eating and drinking in interesting restaurants and bars to relaxing in the Blue Lagoon.

Vienna, Austria

If you’re a culture vulture, you should head to Vienna. Enjoying the cultural attractions of a country are often best done alone and you’re spoilt for choice in Vienna. With over 100 museums, Vienna is not a place you will be bored.

Tokyo, Japan

Even if you are travelling alone you will never feel lonely in Tokyo. No matter if you go to the temples or beautiful traditional gardens, you will always be surrounded by people. An added bonus is that Japan is very easy to travel around because of its public transport.

Florence, Italy

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but Florence is a hidden gem. As a student town it has a wonderfully vibey atmosphere which is perfect for the solo traveler. It’s not very big but there are so many things to do that you won’t be at a loss for something to do.

Helsinki, Finland

Named the happiest country in the world in 2018, Finland welcomes solo travelers with open arms. Helsinki is home to loads of saunas, which are perfect to enjoy in peace and quiet on your own.

Porto, Portugal

Many people immediately think of going to Lisbon when in Portugal but as a solo traveler you should consider visiting Porto. A beautiful seaside town, Porto is the perfect place to enjoy some R&R on the beach before heading to one of the many beachside bars.

Montreal, Canada

Canada is another safe destination that has a lot to offer. Montreal in particular is well-suited to solo travellers. You can wander around the city to enjoy the French atmosphere or you can relax in Mount Royal Park.

There you have it. Seven cities that are perfect for solo exploration. So if you’ve got the urge to book a ticket to somewhere but have no one to go with,  throw caution to the wind and enjoy your own solo holiday.