Published 22nd April 2020

Top Companies for South Africans to Teach English Online

South Africans, we see you. While the rest of the world prances around from country to country without even a second thought, it can seem like South Africans need a visa just to visit a website from a different country. Which is maybe why you’re looking into teaching English online. Teaching English online is a good idea for so many reasons, and we’re not only talking about going to work in your yoga pants. As a South African, teaching English online means earning dollars, pounds or euros, and we can all appreciate that right now. While there are a few companies which only accept North American or Canadian teachers, we are one of the preferred nationalities for teaching English, as part of the Big 7 – with U.S.A, U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. So before we start worrying about if you’re going to start teaching now, now now or just now, let’s have a look at a few of the top companies for South Africans to teach English online.


SayABC is a Beijing-based company. Teachers teach English to Chinese learners aged 5 to 12, in classes of up to 4 students. Learning materials, based on National Geographic resources, are provided. Before class, teachers need to review the materials and plan lessons accordingly. Lessons are taught through the company’s own online platform. Lessons are daily from 5pm to 9pm and also 9.30 am to 11.30 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Because China is 6 hours ahead of South Africa, though the mornings could be tough the later shifts would be very convenient. To qualify you need to be a native English speaker, hold a Bachelor’s degree, and preferably have a TEFL or teaching qualification and/or 1 year teaching experience.

Top Companies for South Africans to Teach English Online

First Future

First Future is an online teaching company which is slightly different to the others. With First Future you will teach a class of up to 20 Chinese learners through live broadcasts. In other words, the Chinese learners are in their classroom while they watch and interact with you on a screen.  Teachers are supplied with all teaching materials. Again, lessons take place from 6pm to 9pm Beijing time (12pm – 3pm SA time). Teachers earn $18 – $23 an hour but need to have a Bachelor’s degree, 1 year teaching experience and a TEFL certificate or teaching qualification.


iTutorGroup is a Taiwanese and Chinese company. You will teach children or adults (often business professionals) from China, Japan and Taiwan. All teaching materials are provided. Teachers need a Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate or equivalent and at least 1 year teaching experience. Payment depends on the nationality of the teacher (ie you will be paid in Rands) and it will increase the more you teach and the better your student reviews are, but rates start from about $10 and some teachers have been known to make $30 an hour. 


IQBar is a UK-based company which offers English and Phonics lessons to Young Learners and English and exam preparation lessons for adults and students. Besides these 30-minute lessons, teachers can also host 30-minute seminars, 1-hour Academic Subject Mentoring sessions and 1-hour University Consultations. Teachers need to be a native speaker of English or be fluent with a clear accent, have at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate or equivalent and 1 year of teaching experience. Teachers can choose to be contracted or flexi, but contracted teachers earn a higher rate. Teachers can earn £10 an hour on weekdays and £12 an hour on weekends, but you can earn more or less depending on the class if you are a flexi teacher or if you teach more than your contracted hours. 


You’re not going to earn millions with Cambly but it’s a good company to use if you’re looking for a side hustle. With Cambly teachers don’t need a degree or a TEFL certificate. This is because Cambly does not offer a formal teaching environment. Teachers with Cambly chat with students via Skype for as long as the students want. Because of these low requirements and zero lesson planning involved, the rate of pay is quite low ($0.17 a minute, or $10.20 an hour) but it is precisely because there is no lesson planning that it can be an easy way to make a few extra dollars.These companies are a good starting point to find a job teaching English online as a South African (there are many more) but be sure to read all the requirements before applying. While we’ve tried to be as up-to-date as possible, the policies of teaching companies can change at any time. If you know if anything has changed, please let us know!

  1. Greetings
    I am deeply saddened by the way that TEFL gives ‘false hopes’ to passionate tutors like myself. I, too completed in 2019 the 120h TEFL course with distinction.

    Before doing the course, I enquired about my (48yr) age and not having a completed degree despite having over 10 years teaching exp with a business background. I was told that it did’nt really matter, the ability to TEACH ENGLISH was important ! However, I found the above does matter and was told that ANY DEGREE CAN MAKE U A TEACHER !

    Eg. electricians, marine biologists, lawyers, etc… WITH DEGREES allows them to become overnight teachers. So whats the purpose of TEFL online jobs wanting persons with ‘teaching degrees’. A degree qualifies you in ONE profession. YOU CANNOT qualify in one profession and do another ! This does not make sense !

    I attended the 20hr TEFL lectures with people of different professions wanting to do ENGLISH TEACHING !
    And found many that were battling to do the required lessons, turn to teachers/tutors like myself for help. DOING THE COURSE is easy and may be a REQUIREMEN BUT understanding, implementing and enjoying teaching English together with English teaching experience
    is what matters in being an ENGLISH TEACHER ! Give me (with an incompleted BEd degree but experienced in classroom teaching) an English lesson to teach and I will be able to do it. Can I say the same for eg. a lawyer with a lawyer’s degree ?

    Its frustrating, when you are not given the chance especially when you are passionate about teaching English and love the profession compared to eg. a lawyer with a degree and courtroom experience !

    Based on all the job enquiries that I have seen on the TEFL site, it may help us graduates if TEFL steps up and does placements after students graduate. In tht way, the whole course completed will not be ‘a waste of time’ for anyone !

    Kind regards

    1. I’m sorry you feel this way. Its not accurate that every TEFL job would require a bachelors degree, It can take longer for applicants without a degree to find work, as the job market can be quite competitive depending on the country you’re applying to. And often a degree is not a teaching requirement but rather a working VISA requirement. In general, most students without a degree would find work in South and Central America, as there are a lot of countries in this region that don’t require a degree, Within Europe, Spain, Greece, Poland, Turkey and Russia would be popular options, and in South East Asia, Cambodia and India would have opportunities for newly qualified teachers without a degree. This doesn’t mean that some employers won’t ask for a degree in their job adverts. However, knowing that you don’t need a degree to work there legally, we would encourage you to apply for these positions anyway. as you have great experience.

      You may find more useful information at this article

      Also please remember as a graduate of ours you can contact our Student services Team at any time if you are looking for advice on job hunting. They can be contacted at

  2. Hi

    I am a final year student doing Bachelor of Science and I am really interested in doing the TEFL course , please email me the details. May you please also include details on how to apply at CAMBLY since they do not require the TEFL certificate and degree.

    Thank you

  3. Hi there, hope you are well.
    My name is Jan and I am a native South African.
    I have my Bachelors degree in Education, focusing on Early Childhood Development and I have completed a 120 hr TESOL course in 2016, followed by about 2 years of teaching experience overseas.
    I’m very interested in teaching English online. Kindly assist me.
    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hi Jan- I will be able to provide limited assistance with your job search unless you did your TEFL course with us? We have a jobs board on our website where you can search for jobs worldwide. You can access the jobs board on our website through the following link: I would also recommend searching through Google for other ESL job sites. We do have a range of internship and volunteer programs that you can apply for though our website at the following links: and I hope you find this helpful and I wish you all the best with your search. 😀

  4. Goo day, my name is Serena and I completed my TEFL certificate with the TEFL academy in 2017. I have 3 years experience with teaching English online but I would like to move on to one of these companies but im finding it a bit hard to apply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Hello. I am currently an ESL teacher and expert reviewer.

    I have obtained my TEFL certificate and I have over a year of experience. I am looking to teach remotely.

  6. Hi, trust you are well.
    My name is Salimah and I am a native South African.
    I have my Bachelors degree in Education and I have also completed a TEFL certificate level 5 – 168 hrs TEFL course through TEFL academy.
    I am currently studying my honors in Education.
    I’m interested in teaching English online. Kindly assist me.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Salimah, we have sent you an email with information about teaching online and online jobs boards. Best of luck with your job search! 🙂

  7. Hi,

    I have a degree, experience working with kids and The Tefl Academy 168h certificate. I would appreciate if you could provide some assistance with how to go about teaching online.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Mikayla, we have sent you an email with information about teaching online and a list of online jobs boards. I hope you will find this helpful in your search.

  8. Hi. I am a qualified South African educator. I have a bachelor degree in education and a TEFL certificate. I have been trying to get an online teaching job but have not be successful. I would really like to teach English online to foreign students.

    1. Hello, thank you for your message. We have a jobs board on our website where you can search for jobs worldwide. You can access the jobs board on our website through the following link: I would also recommend searching through Google for other ESL job sites. We do have a range of internship and volunteer programs that you can apply for though our website at the following links: and I hope you find this helpful and I wish you all the best with your search. 🙂

  9. Hi
    I would like to enroll for the TEFL course
    I am a qualified IT Tech and software lector,
    I give Microsoft word, Excell, power point ext computer training. I would like to give online English training as well. Please provide me with all the info and steps I need to take.

    Thank You


    1. Hi Nicky, I am happy to hear that you are interested in enrolling on our TEFL course. Enrolment is very simple and can be done completely online or over the phone. For our course options and latest prices please visit our website here:

      If you want to pay online then please just click the enrol button on the website to start registration. Any problems please contact Student Services at

  10. Hi there.

    My name is Lekha Maharaj and I am interested in teaching children English online.
    I do not have a degree in teaching but I do have a Marketing Diploma where one of my courses included Communication in English.
    I have noticed that Cambly does not require a Degree or Certificate, please can u advise further on this and how do I go about applying for the online Teaching vacancies.

    Many thanks

  11. Hi

    i have a BCOM degree in SCM and i am currently doing my honours. I have done my TEFL course with you guys about a year back.
    Please help with a part time job for teaching English online as I work from Mon – Fri, 8 to 4:30.

    1. Hi Sajidah. We are always happy to provide job assistance where we can to our past students! We have sent you an Email with some online tutoring information. Best of luck with this!

  12. Hi, I am qualified social worker and I have TEFL certificate, I’m willing to teach English online please assist.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, I am interested in teaching English online. I have a full time job but I would like to earn an extra income. I have a Bachelor’s Degree as well as PGCE. Would I still be required to complete the TEFL course? Please send more information. Thank you

      1. Hi Lauren – Thanks for getting in touch. The answer is yes, Whilst your teaching qualifications put you in a great position for finding a teaching job online or abroad, the majority of employers/ language schools will still look for applicants to have a TEFL qualification. We advise a level 5 TEFL qualification and you can find more information about our course options and prices here: We’ve also sent you more information! 😊

  13. Hi

    I am a qualified South African teacher who is currently teaching English in South Korea. I will continue to work here until my contract ends in February 2021. I plan on returning home to teach English online for one of the above mentioned companies. I however do not have a TEFL because it was not a requirement here due to have a teacher’s certificate. I would like to know what chances I have of earning a decent salary from teaching English online on a full-time schedule.

    Thanks in dvance

  14. Hi, trust you are well, I am interested in the online teaching, I have completed the 168 hour tefl level 5 course, kindly assist me. Thank you

  15. Hi. I am a university student studying accounting and I am interested in something like this. Would it be possible for me to qualify? Thanks

    1. There are very few requirements to do the TEFL course with us. You only need to:

      be over the age of 16
      have a minimum C1 level of English (advanced)
      have access to a computer/laptop and the internet
      have basic computer skills.
      If you fit all of these requirements then you will be able to enrol for our course online or over the phone!

  16. Hello my name is Phatsimo,i am from Botswana.i have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate,i am not a native English speaker however i need assistance in finding a job in teaching english online.
    Thank you

  17. Hi, I am interested in this opportunity. I have a Bachelor’s degree in education and a Tefl with 8months teaching experience.

  18. Good morning Mrs/Mr

    I am interested in doing online teaching, unfortunately I don’t have a qualification as yet is there still a way where I can still do online teaching?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jenniveve – You’ll need a TEFL qualification to do this. We have sent you an email on our course! hope that helps!

  19. Hi
    My name is Ruth I’m interested in teaching English online.
    I have my bachelors degree and a TEFL certificate
    I am currently studying my honors in Curriculum Studies
    Please help

    1. Hi Ruth, We can only really provide job support if you have completed the course with us. I’ve asked a colleague to email you some help though!

    2. I am currently in my first year of completing my bachelors degree but for a start id be interested in something small like Cambly. i do have some months experience in tutoring if that counts for anything . Please do email me asap.

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