9 Alternative TEFL Destinations

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Vietnam. South Korea. Spain. The UAE.

As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, there is no doubt that the world is your oyster. However, though this may be the case, there are still certain countries that grab the lion’s share of attention in the TEFL world. These countries are popular with TEFL teachers either for their abundance of teaching jobs, their generous packages, their amazing lifestyles, or a combination of all of these!

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But maybe you’d like to venture a bit more off the beaten track.

If this is you, then stay tuned to find out our top 9 alternative destinations for TEFL teachers.

Teaching English in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan might be the largest and richest country in Central Asia, but not many people know much about it – except maybe that it’s home to Borat! The country covers two time zones and five different climatic zones, with deserts, mountains, flatlands, deltas, valleys and canyons all over its immense area. In a bid to improve the country’s standing in the global market, the government has invested heavily into private language schools and this is where you’ll find a job. Salaries are generous and airfare and accommodation are generally included in your contract so you can expect to live an exciting life while earning good money.  Definitely for those looking for something more adventurous!

Teaching English in Malaysia

Malaysia: an alternative TEFL destination

Multicultural, tropical and friendly, there are lots to love about Malaysia. Malaysia is not as well-known as its Asian counterparts Thailand, Vietnam and China, but this only makes it more special. There are many different teaching opportunities available, from private language schools to kindergartens to high schools to universities. To teach English in Malaysia you need to have a bachelor’s degree and be a native speaker of English.

Teaching English in Peru

If you’re keen on living in South America, then you should consider Peru. Tourism is big business here so many Peruvians want to learn English for the job opportunities it offers. TEFL teachers can find a job teaching in a private language school, giving extra lessons to schoolchildren or teaching General and Business English to adults. At the same time, there are endless volunteer teaching positions in the more rural parts of the country for those looking for a guaranteed adventure.

Teaching English in Morocco

Morocco is a historic, beautiful country. It’s very popular as a tourist destination, so English is necessary for the locals to conduct business with tourists. At the same time, young Moroccans are keen to work and travel abroad, so they need English for that too. As a result of this, there is a huge demand for TEFL teachers in Morocco in international schools, as well as private language schools.

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Teaching English in the Republic of Georgia

Not to be confused with the US state where you would find your peaches, the Republic of Georgia is a gem of a European country that is still relatively unknown. You can find a job co-teaching with a local teacher in a school through the Teach and Learn with Georgia programme. Airfare and accommodation are included in your salary package, which makes this offer even more attractive.

Georgia: An alternative TEFL destination

Teaching English in Kenya

Kenya is definitely an interesting choice as a TEFL destination, but it’s a good one. The natural beauty of this country coupled with its history and way of life make living in Kenya an adventure. English is necessary for career development in Kenya so it’s possible to find jobs in public schools or private language schools. Living in Kenya can be quite hectic and chaotic, but you’re never far from a beach or a safari!

Teaching English in the Czech Republic

Another popular tourist destination, Czech Republic also has a huge need for English teachers. You are likely to find a job in a private language school. The salaries in the Czech Republic are not particularly high but the cost of living is low, so you are able to live well – and drink lots of beer!  

Teaching English in Turkey

Tueky: an alternative TEFL destination

If you like your coffee as strong as your raki, then head to Turkey. This beautiful, friendly country is growing in popularity as a TEFL destination. Choose from a job in historic Istanbul, the capital Ankara or Izmir on the coast, but wherever you go you’re sure to find glorious weather and great food. What more could you ask for?

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Teach English in Argentina

From wine farms to glaciers to ski slopes to tango halls, Argentina has something for any visitor. It’s a country that you won’t want to leave so finding a TEFL job there is the best idea to experience its magic. Find a job in a language school or university and spend your free time exploring this amazing country – and probably eating some steak, too.

There you have it. Nine destinations not many people consider when looking for a TEFL job. All of these countries offer not only adequate teaching opportunities but also adventure, intrigue and, no doubt, a whole lot of fun.


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