5 TEFL Podcasts Every English Teacher Should Listen To

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For the last number of years the world has become obsessed with podcasts. The biggest in the business are signing contracts with particular platforms for eye watering fees. Such is their prominence in today’s media landscape. But away from wheeling and dealing, podcasts are an excellent way to educate yourself on a particular topic. It’s fluid information! The TEFL industry is no different. There is a raft of excellent TEFL podcasts for English teachers out there. We will get to the only list of them you need shortly!

What is a podcast?

It is true that podcasts are becoming more and more popular these days but there are probably still a few people who don’t know what a podcast is. A podcast is basically a radio programme which you can download from the internet and listen to on your phone, laptop or MP3 player whenever you want. There are podcasts on every topic possible and TEFL is no exception. You can listen to podcasts on classroom management, pronunciation, error correction or anything else TEFL-related.

EFL podcasts are a great way for english teachers to work on your Continuous Professional Development without doing anything besides listening. Plus, they can be a nice distraction on your commute to work, making dinner or while you’re doing the ironing!

Which TEFL podcasts should English teachers listen to?

The TEFL Show

The TEFL Show offers a podcast about teaching English and learning languages.  Their episodes are really interesting and varied, including topics like native speakerism, mistakes to avoid when learning a foreign language, the issue of accents and things you should know when teaching pronunciation – quite a mixed bag.

The pod is hosted by the duo Marek Kiczkowiak and Robert McCaul. Many different topics are touched on over the course of the series. All related to teaching and learning English. Episodes are around 30 minutes in length. The best thing about The TEFL Show is that the host share alot of practical insights that they have gained teaching English as well as learning other languages themselves. Marek and Robert also speak alot at international conferences. The show is not as frequent as it used to be, but it remains a really top notch resource for english teachers looking for a TEFL podcast.

5 TEFL Podcasts Every English Teacher Should Listen To
Podcasts for English Teachers


The Teflology website offers podcast episodes which are updated regularly. They cover a range of topics in each episode, often including an interview with a well-known name in the TEFL field, reviews and discussions on topical EFL issues. Even though the site may not be much to look at, it has been running since 2014, so if you’re just discovering it you’re not going to run out of episodes for a long time!

Three english teachers host the podcast have gained a lot of experience from working in Japan. The purpose of the podcast is to brighten up the listeners day with talk of current events, history and methods and approaches in language education. Leading figures in the field of English language teaching appear regularly. They are also quite prolific with their podcasts which they put out every two weeks. Recent topics include; ‘Racism in ELT and Remote Teaching Reflections’ and ‘Language Learner Psychology’.

TEFL Training Institute

This is a library for the serious or more experienced teacher. While it offers podcasts discussing the age-old topics, like how to teach mixed ability classes and how to teach vocabulary, there are also really interesting podcasts which delve a little deeper into the theories and current talking points of EFL. It also offers a lot of interesting episodes which focus on teacher training and development.

The podcast has really great speakers from top universities around the world. Plus leading writers, academics and teachers. As a format it is set up so “you don’t have to sift through ‘meaningless chit chat’. Ross and Tracy’s TEFL podcasts make sure that within a 15 minute podcast you get the best information in a really condensed way.

Frequent guests bring lots of really fresh ideas and concepts to the table. They always get to the point in terms of pedagogical practice with theory. They give lots of great examples of how to go about learning and teaching english. 

TEFL Commute

This is a TEFL podcast with a difference. Aimed at entertaining teachers on their commute to work, these podcasts are a mixture of EFL- and language learning-related podcasts. Besides their entertainment value, a lot of these podcasts are meant to be utilised in your lessons, so the website offers extra resources and explanations that you can use in the classroom.

If you’re interested in expanding your EFL knowledge but just don’t have the time to read books or blogs, podcasts may be the solution for you.

The pod is hosted by James Taylor an English as a foreign language teacher and teacher trainer currently based in Brazil. Shaun Wilden who had been involved in English language teaching for over twenty years. Lindsay Clandfield an English teacher, teacher trainer, conference speaker and writer of materials for learners and teachers of English.

In truth, this podcast is really about a much wider span of topics than teaching english alone. The hosts are self confessed podcast addicts themselves and really enjoy making them. This is a really nice and lighthearted podcast that aims to brighten up your day. They focus on one particular topic for each podcast. You will be able to build the topic into your lesson plan.

TEFL Waffle

Steve and Troy waffle about the exciting and wonderful world of Teaching English in a foreign country. This is a really fun podcast that has a pretty informal tone but gets to heart of some really pressure TEFL topics. The frequency of their TEFL podcasts is really impressive. After starting out in 2017, they have now gotten to the point at which they release a pod every single week. Some recent topics include, ‘Principles of Exemplary Teaching’, ‘Remote teaching – the Idiot’s Guide’ and ‘Demanding Accuracy’. Check them out!

5 TEFL podcasts

So there you have it. 5 of the best of them! We can’t emphasise enough how worth you while it is to do a bit of TEFL podcast listening. Whether you are just setting out on your TEFL journey or are a seasoned TEFL veteran, they will be insightful and entertaining. Happy listening!

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