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Choosing a TEFL course can be an overwhelming decision. One simple google and you will realise there are hundreds of TEFL course providers to choose from. To make it even more difficult, there are so many differing reviews online, including The TEFL Academy reviews. So which TEFL course should you choose? The one from The TEFL Academy, of course!

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

We have hundreds of students who have graduated with a certificate from The TEFL Academy, who are now teaching all over the world. We thought we’d catch up with them and find out exactly what they had to say about The TEFL Academy’s TEFL Course. Here are The TEFL Academy’s reviews for our accredited, internationally recognised TEFL course.

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Why our students think you should choose The TEFL Academy’s TEFL course

There were a number of reasons our students give good reviews for The TEFL Academy and recommend The TEFL Academy’s TEFL course to their friends and family – and anyone who will listen!

Let’s look at a few of them:

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The TEFL Academy reviews: The course content

I saw an advertisement from The TEFL Academy to learn how to teach English to foreign nationals. As a native English speaker, I knew this is something I could do. I was encouraged by the fact that their certificate was internationally recognised so I signed up. TTA’s course allowed me to study at my own pace and slowly gave me a foundation and understanding of what to expect when teaching English as a foreign language.

Mark Jepson, in China

The TEFL Academy reviews: Our professional TEFL tutors

Everything was well organized. My teacher was super friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my weekend training and I got a lot of useful information and practice. My teacher was very professional, friendly and helpful!


AdobeStock 296938630

She was very understanding with me and my course mates and our level of knowledge and experience. She made the course interesting and engaging and kept us motivated throughout the 10-hour working days. She knew what we wanted to achieve from doing the course and respected our interests and future plans.


Our facilitator/instructor (Alex) was excellent and really skilled. It was ideal to learn from a seasoned professional who modelled effective teaching strategies even when she was just interacting with us or sharing information.


The TEFL Academy reviews: The in-class TEFL training

My expectations were exceeded! I trained as a Linguist and currently studying for a Master’s degree in Language Practice, but I felt so new to most of the concepts I met in the class. The teaching was practical, professional, and skilled based. I never knew my inabilities until I got to the class. I noticed that being a Linguistics and or an English Language graduate was not enough. There was something more to TEFL Teaching and after the class on the last day, my confidence increased, I got it! I was rejuvenated! It was for me like a lost-and-found treasure.


It was a small group and we were all attended to. The trainer was attentive, patient, and knowledgeable in the subject matters. She was able to assist us with the practical work and gave us constructive feedback to ensure we were better and more confident. I was nervous when we started but when we parted on the second day – I was more confident in embarking on this journey. The course exceeded my expectations.


I have no criticisms. I truly enjoyed the practical element of the course. I felt comfortable, and the time flew by on both days. I learnt loads that I didn’t even realise that I did not know.


I loved the course. It was great because it made me feel more confident about teaching. It was great to have the opportunity to stand up in front of everyone and teach grammar and vocabulary. It was nice meeting other people who want to teach as well. The foreign language lesson also helped me realise how important gestures and facial expressions are for getting the message across.


The classroom element of the course felt very thorough and informative, and I really appreciated the chance to do in-person teaching practice—it helped me to understand what is involved in being a TEFL teacher, and inspired me to continue with the rest of the online component with more enthusiasm.


Which TEFL course should I take?

The TEFL Academy reviews: The job opportunities with a TEFL certificate from The TEFL Academy

Freshly graduated from University, I decided to leave on a one-year working holiday visa to Japan. Not really knowing what job I wanted to do while being in Japan, I signed up for a TEFL course thinking it might be useful when applying for jobs. When I arrived to Japan, I quickly got a few interviews and was able to get a job within barely two weeks upon arrival.

Shanna Savoie-Aspirot, in Japan

I quite enjoyed the 120hr course, it was interesting to learn how to teach English as a second language as I only ever had experience teaching it as a first language. I did the 100 hours online and then 10 hours in Belfast city. Once I received my certificate I decided to play around in searching for jobs, just to see what’s out there and if I really qualify. I applied for one job in China and one job in Spain. I first heard back from the Chinese employer who wanted to do a Skype interview, so I woke up one morning at 3am ready to be interviewed! (time difference). I was told I got the job immediately after the interview and I pretty much decided that I was going to do this, I was going to China for a year.

Shannon Lawlor, in China

The TEFL life

The work environment can be intense, but it is immensely fulfilling if you enjoy being creative, thinking on your feet and working with children. Every single day working with children is different, and as someone who was often quickly bored when working desk jobs, I have found a lot of joy in every day looking a little bit different.

It’s also extremely fulfilling to see the impact that consistent exposure to English has on children and how quickly they can absorb things. My TEFL qualification has given me the freedom in my classes to create lessons that engage both my students and myself, and allow me to enjoy this time without worrying about filling class time or how to handle time management.

Rebecca Walsh, in South Korea


Starting fresh in a new country and new culture all by yourself is an experience that you can only understand if you’ve been through it. You learn a lot about yourself, you do a lot of internal growing, you find freedom, you find independence, you learn about people, you learn about life. It’s an absolutely invaluable experience that I would not trade for anything!

Nomhle Sibiya, in Vietnam

vietnam internship image 1 1523450295

But the best part? Apart from the work? TRAVELLING. Eastern Europe was inexpensive and getting from one country to another was a veritable piece of cake. Within a month I had seen Slovakia, where I caught up with old friends, and Vienna, Austria, a city of childhood dreams. By Easter I was in Hungary and Czech Republic. Before the school year was out I had seen Belarus (my first foray beyond the EU). Never omitting Poland, herself. Krakow and Zakopane to the south; mountains, sheep’s cheese, hiking. The history in Warsaw. Torun with its medieval walls. Gdansk by the Baltic Sea and the Brobdingnagian castle at Malbork. Arty Poznan in the west.

Everywhere is distinct. So, once you have your TEFL certificate go see for yourself. Fall in love with customs or cuisine. Being a TEFL teacher kicks open doors. It’s up to you to walk through them.

Aiofe Hynes, in Poland

There you have it, The TEFL Academy reviews straight from the teachers’ mouths! What are you waiting for? Contact us today so we can help you change your life!




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