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Teaching in Thailand

My story starts after I completed my master’s course. That was a time when I realised that before starting my careerist lifestyle I have an opportunity to try something new and exciting that would leave warm unforgettable memories for the rest of my life. Clearly, such an experience is to be sought abroad.

Less than a month from the start of the course to teaching in a new country!

It so happened that Asia had never been among my travelling destinations at that moment. Thanks to my Thai friends with whom I studied in the University of Southampton, the choice of the country turned out to be rather easy and that is how the overwhelming range of options narrowed down to a specific continent. The friendly personality of Thai people, stories about never-ending summers, delicious food and exotics in everything made up my mind. Thailand is my home for the foreseeable future!

Okay, Thailand, but what am I going to do there? Having done some research, my brain stuck to a crazy yet exciting idea – teaching English. That is something completely new for me that I never even thought about. What makes it even more interesting is that less than two years ago I was working hard on improving my English in order to pass IELTS with a decent band so I could be accepted to study in England (I am Russian). Now I was planning to teach this language. That seemed it would be a challenge!

My goal was set, all that was left was action. Having done some googling and review reading, I enrolled in a TEFL course provided by The TEFL Academy. The decision was given to this company because of the appealing price of the course, credible online presence and of course global recognition of the offered qualification. After this, the process was very actionable. In the middle of January, I attended the weekend class, then I quickly completed the online part and by the end of January, I found myself in the Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok with no job and place to live. The situation was sorted in the following way: I picked a sky train station that I liked, arrived there, walked 10 minutes, found a condo that I liked and moved in. The next day, I headed to the nearest shopping mall that had nearly a dozen language schools and I left my resumes. The same procedure was repeated on the following day with a different mall. During the next week, I received seven offers and picked the one I liked most. Shortly, my TEFL certificate arrived all the way from England with the first class delivery organised by The TEFL Academy and my new job began. Now I am working for a big private school, teaching both kids and adults and I am enjoying it.

The TEFL course provided me with a lot of valuable information that helped me to feel prepared for the new job. In particular, the classroom games during the weekend session and the coursework focusing on using course books to prepare a lesson plan were very useful. However, plenty of things are still to be learned, in particular, the discipline management. This is not an issue with adult classes though.

It took me less than a month from the start of the TEFL course to the start of the teaching English in a new country. I even did not have a haircut yet! During the weekend session, one student shared with me that he had been dreaming about this step for 15 years. In my opinion, if you want something just start doing this.

Less than a month from the start of the course to teaching in a new country!

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