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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in China

I graduated in 2014 and having already found a love for travel when I studied in France and able to travel Europe, I set about working and saving for 6 months.

Without the TEFL course from The TEFL Academy I would not have had this opportunity and experience

In early 2015 I backpacked around South America for 4 months, on my return I was already eager to see more of the world and within a few weeks had booked a TEFL course.

Following completion of the course, which only took a couple of months after the 20 hour practical weekend, I landed myself a job in Beijing, teaching English at a private kindergarten school. Whilst teaching 3-5 year olds is exhausting, it is so rewarding, particularly when you hear them using their new English vocabulary. My lessons with them are always fun and creative, working with crafts, science experiments and plenty of songs. Their current favourite is 'Five little monkeys'. They always have plenty of energy, participate regularly and obviously love to play. I work 8-5pm, Monday - Friday and fit my lesson planning into their naptime during the day. The other foreign teachers and Chinese teachers have been so welcoming and after only a couple of weeks I felt comfortable with my new work surroundings.

I love living in Beijing. It's massive and crazy and exciting. There is always something to eat, drink, see, do and visit. The local transport is great meaning exploring both inside and outside the city is cheap and easy, the Great Wall is only a two hour bus ride away. I love meeting both the locals and foreigners that live here. I live in 'downtown' Beijing which is dominant with street food and noodle bars. However, only 10 minutes away there is the foreign community, full of western supermarkets and burger bars. I enjoy having the option of both worlds.

Without the TEFL course from The TEFL Academy I would not have had this opportunity and experience, the teaching and material provided on the course is both adaptable and useful to my lessons. As a surprising bonus, I even met my now boyfriend at the weekend practical course. He has now moved to Beijing with me and is teaching in the same company. I am hoping to be teaching abroad over the next two years in different countries and would not be able to do this without my TEFL certification.

I advise anyone contemplating this course to go ahead and take the plunge. It does not take long to complete and is so worth it. It was the best decision I have ever made, I love where I am now and the possibilities of where I could go to next. The world literally becomes your oyster when you hold a TEFL certificate.

Without the TEFL course from The TEFL Academy I would not have had this opportunity and experience

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