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Teaching in United-kingdom

This is a follow-up post from my previous story when I spoke to the TEFL Academy about teaching English for the first time in Spain.

Teaching English has since become a way of life for me.

Teaching English has since become a way of life for me.

While completing my Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Ireland, I taught English online and worked abroad in the U.K. during the summer.

Working in the U.K. was a very enjoyable experience. Students from every country came together to learn the language. Working with a summer school meant that I created my own lesson plans. This was a challenging experience, but the TEFL Academy course had equipped me with the skills I needed to create a quality lesson. I had some other duties too, such as leading trips and activities at the weekend. It was a nice way to explore another country. I took tours around Brighton, London and Southsea. There are many schools in the UK and I would consider going back to the UK in the future.

When I returned home to University, I looked at other job options to earn part-time. Having done my research, I realised that teaching English online was a suitable venture for me. It was particularly useful when I was in college and I wanted a very flexible schedule that I could change each week. I really enjoyed working online each week and setting my own hours. This was ideal for me as I wanted fewer hours when I had lots of assignments to complete.

Having just graduated from University in October of 2019, I took a risk and decided to continue to teach English online. With the travel syndrome still not out of my system, I began searching for different places to go. Teaching English online full-time was different and full of opportunities. I also found a passion for writing. Being self-employed has taught me so much in the last year. I now hope to travel to south-east Asia and really just enjoy my twenties while working hard to achieve my goals as a newly self-employed individual!

Teaching English opened a door for me, bringing so many opportunities to explore other cultures and see other parts of the world. I’ve taught people from all kinds of backgrounds and that has taught me more than I could ever imagine. It has been a very rewarding experience to grow and learn with my students.

I will share future updates with The TEFL Academy. I am delighted to act as a Brand Ambassador and show others how they too can teach English. Hopefully, I can share some of my experiences travelling abroad and teaching English!

If you are interested in teaching English and living abroad, I highly recommend this TEFL course. In fact, I created a website to show others how they too can teach English. I specifically talk about teaching English online, which is a suitable side-income for stay-at-home parents, travellers and teachers. I found teaching English online quite mind-boggling in the beginning, as there were so many companies to choose from. I review the most popular teaching companies on my website, TPR Teaching and how to get started.

What’s next on the agenda? Get private students, build a blog and explore the world! Thank you to the TEFL Academy for allowing me to share my experience today. I look forward to the exciting journeys ahead!

Caitriona from TPR Teaching.


Teaching English has since become a way of life for me.

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