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Teaching in Thailand

Since completing my TEFL certificate with The TEFL Academy I have encountered a multitude of experiences I never thought possible...

Living in another country provides endless excitement and opportunities.

Firstly the TEFL certification provides you with some staples that any teacher who is new to the ESL game will find eternally useful. Grammar rules are inevitably the scariest matter which confronts most teachers in the classroom. Though there will always be minor elements of grammar which will cause you a classroom headache, preparing using the TEFL course along with some self study will give you a strong base and provide confidence with teaching grammar at all levels. The extensive lesson planning assignments in the TEFL course have also proved extremely useful in my latest role in Bangkok. Learning how to structure a lesson ensuring the students encounter and learn the language before requiring them to put it into practice made my life far less painful when faced with planning several lessons at different levels every week.

Upon completion of my certificate I instantaneously secured a job teaching at a summer school for the world renowned EFL in Brighton. This Brighton TEFL position was a fantastic introduction to the ESL environment. After this initial Brighton TEFL position I then headed to China for a brief but fascinating volunteer position in Suburban Shanghai. China offers a starkly captivating cultural juxtaposition to any other country I have been to. With the demand to learn English in China soaring, securing a teaching position with a high local salary is easily achievable.

After completing my three month voluntary position in China I then headed to the electrifying Thai capital Bangkok. It was a city which I have traversed many times as a tourist and living here only compounds my love of this tropical metropolis. The position I have in Bangkok is the one which I have enjoyed most to date. I’m currently teaching a variety of levels to adults in Bangkok. The mixed ability lessons are challenging, but ultimately provide you with a great deal of experience and invaluable CV experience. The Thai’s are also known amongst the teaching community as been fantastic students who like to learn and have fun. The teaching market in Thailand is also continually robust, and with year round sunshine, world class beaches and lush green jungle on your doorstep I couldn’t recommend Thailand enough for the novice English teacher.

Living in another country provides endless excitement and opportunities. Since leaving the United Kingdom almost a year ago I have travelled to 5 different countries, taking in sights such as the arresting ‘Great Wall of China’ and the postcard perfect Phi Phi islands in southern Thailand. The cultural nuances of living and teaching in another country are too numerous to detail but the magnificent food, the colourful and eclectic characters you meet and seemingly ordinary day to day encounters never fail to make everyday not only thought provoking but more importantly a gargantuan adventure. The TEFL certificate opens doors not only to teaching but to adventures, friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Living in another country provides endless excitement and opportunities.

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