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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in Italy

My name is Harry, and I am 21 years old and have just completed my first term of teaching in Naples.

The course has helped me with lesson planning and managing my time!

I had just graduated from university when I decided to take a TEFL course with ‘The TEFL Academy’. I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to broaden the options available to me and provide a chance for me earn some money whilst travelling.

I am currently teaching at two schools in Naples, Italy. The first school is a primary school, with children ranging from 9-12 years old, the children are incredibly keen and this makes the topics for lessons broad and fun! The second school is little more challenging, teaching teenagers aged 13-16, this allows for more complex topics to be addressed, and I find it incredibly rewarding when a restless class settles down and enjoys engaging in the lesson you have produced!

The TEFL course has helped massively with lesson planning and learning to manage my time! The resources provided by The TEFL academy have been very useful, and have been invaluable to me, providing inspiration for many lessons.

At the start of October I had my first lesson, and felt fully prepared with a PowerPoint ready, and prompts for myself. I walked into the classroom to find all my preparation was useless, as the schools computer was broken. This resulted in me having to wing my very first lesson! Luckily, it went well with a great bunch of kids and perhaps a baptism of fire was the best way to start my teaching career!

I live in a city called Torre Del Greco in the Gulf of Naples, halfway between Naples itself and Sorrento, exploring this coastline has been great! I am loving soaking up new culture, particularly attempting to learn Italian. However, I still haven't grasped the need for a siesta everyday from 2-4 in the afternoon, and often find myself walking down the closed shops. I have joined a local rugby team, which has been amazing! The local guys have been so welcoming and have taken me around the area, showing me their favourite spots to eat and drink. It has also been a great way to explore the country, taking often long bus journeys to play the away games. However Rugby in Italy is an altogether different game, finding a pitch with grass is something of a luxury!

I haven't given much thought to what the future holds for me, but I know that with my TEFL qualification I can go anywhere! The prospect of teaching in a South American country interests me, and I'm sure over the next few months I will put a plan together!

If I could give any advice to new teachers it would have to be to plan lessons in ample time. It takes away all the stress and being prepared means you can relax and have fun in your lessons! Finally, never be afraid to make jokes in the classroom and embarrassing yourself always goes down a treat!

Harry - Naples - Italy

The course has helped me with lesson planning and managing my time!

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