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Teaching in Brazil

My journey with the TEFL academy started in November 2018 when I had my birthday. Along with the presents from my friends and relatives I received some money. By that time, I was already looking for a place where I could enhance my teaching skills and luckily, I came across TTA.

I am happy to be a motivating, encouraging teacher as this is how I find my own source of inspiration and energy.

After reading alumni's reviews and considering other benefits that the academy offers, such as recognition in both the UK and the USA, employment support, and surprisingly affordable price for the course, I decided there's no better birthday present than investing in my education and career development. On the way to receiving my certificate, I needed all the support provided by the TTA staff via email. 

All my students at that time were either Russian or Ukrainian speakers. And I was so eager to progress and teach people who did not share a common language and culture with me. But, frankly speaking, I was lacking confidence and methodological insights. Now I can most definitely say that applying for 168 hours course with TTA was the best decision I made as today I am working with students from so many countries, and I enjoy it a lot. Besides, there could not be better timing, as I moved to Brazil, where I am currently living. I fell in love with this country immediately, especially with the people. I will never forget how welcomed I felt here from the first day. None of the conversations with the neighbour or shop assistant here starts without “Ola! Tudo bem?” (“Hello! Is everything fine?). 

Such amazing experience of submerging into a different culture on the other continent. Funny that my stereotypical expectation about scorching hot summer was dashed when I landed in rain soaked Sao Paulo. As well as a big surprise it was for me to find out that Brazil is home to the world's largest community of the Japanese. Food, daily routine, people’s mindset, lots of things I had to discover myself proving the fact or ruining the myth. Most of my friends and students ask me about world-famous carnival, cuisine, beaches, touristic attraction, and notorious favelas. And I am always excited to share my stories with them. 

I am working online at the moment, which doesn’t make me feel isolated, every day I give classes to students who are not just far from me geographically, but have a different religion, customs, lifestyle. And every one of them is individual. Thanks to the experience of living abroad in this multinational country I became very flexible in communication, so I easily find an approach to all of them. I am happy to be a motivating, encouraging teacher as this is how I find my own source of inspiration and energy. In the future, when the pandemic is over, I would like to run a speaking club for locals, or maybe I’ll relocate, who knows… 

Taking the course at TTA is not just a perfect job opportunity, but the best chance to travel and discover this beautiful world. You may go on one of the offered internships in a range of countries that TTA provides for you, or work remotely, as I do. Either way, you will not regret applying for the course here, cause the knowledge and care that you are going to gain is priceless. 

So, do not hesitate and start writing your own story with The TEFL academy today. I totally recommend it. Best of luck!

I am happy to be a motivating, encouraging teacher as this is how I find my own source of inspiration and energy.

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