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Teaching in Vietnam

My name is Jack and I'm 28 years old.

The best decision of my life!

Before TEFL, I was working a boring, mundane recruitment job in Manchester. Living for the weekend with zero job satisfaction. In my head, you had to work to live, not live to work. Having just returned from a 3-month backpacking holiday I thought it was time to be a normal adult and ‘settle down' with a solid, mind-numbing job, I lasted 18 months. 

I had visited Vietnam during the backpacking trip and I absolutely fell in love with the country. The food, the culture, the people, the history... I could go on. Although I loved the place, I never considered that I could one day make it home. What I didn’t know was a seed had been planted in my head. Scrolling through Facebook on a boring lunch hour, I saw a friend from school was moving to Vietnam to teach English so I dropped her a message asking what she needed for the job. She said a degree and a TEFL qualification (ideally one with classroom contact time). After a long month of thinking I finally ran the idea by my girlfriend. I thought it was going to be stopped at the first hurdle, but she was just as bored at work and wanted something new. We spoke to both of our families who could not have been more supportive. We paid for the course the next day. 

The TEFL academy was great as the course was predominantly online so we could work the assignments and courses around our work schedules. We were advised to do a course with some face-to-face coaching as not only does it help meeting other people in the same situation, but it also helps with job opportunities. We actually ended up working with two people from our training group in Manchester, in Vietnam. It shows that networking can be very useful. 
I had no problems juggling the course and my job because I knew there was an end goal in mind which was my motivator. I had done a little Drama teaching at my old college years before and loved it, that also spurred me on. 

So, I finished the course and decided on Vietnam, based on my backpacking trip. I bumped into a company called Apax Leaders on Facebook, which had a good reputation and paid a very good salary, in comparison to the cost of living in Vietnam. The TEFL course gave me the tools to excel in this industry. Within 18 months I became a Headteacher and a Trainer at a language centre and I train the new teachers, who join the company. 

None of this would have been possible without the TEFL Academy. I now wake up every morning, looking forward to work. I teach a variety of ages and levels, ranging from 4-16 and every day is different. It was the best decision I ever made.

Thank you TEFL Academy.

The best decision of my life!

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