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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in Malaysia

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am 23 years old. I am a recent graduate of the State University of New York at New Paltz.

I absolutely love everything about my job!

Upon graduation I moved to Prague, Czech Republic and was working in the study abroad office at Charles University. When the semester ended I knew I wanted to continue to travel and work abroad and with a passion for teaching I decided to go to Ireland and participate in The TEFL Academy 120-hour course. Spending the weekend in Cork with other perspective TEFL teachers got me so excited about the endless possibilities a TEFL certificate can lead to. I took the course in November and in January left for Malaysia. I am currently teaching at a secondary school in Sabah, Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo). I have been living and working in Malaysia for the past 6 months and absolutely love everything about my job. I get to spend my days in the classroom or out on the field with my students teaching lessons that excite them and introducing new games and activities that brighten up their days. 

I recently planned a weekend-long English camp for my students, we called it, Wonderland! One hundred and fifty students from my district spent the weekend exploring “The Shire”, sipping tea with Alice, stealing treasure form their pirate friends, crafting magical wands as wizards and fair-ies and acting out various fairy tales. Teaching is so much more than teaching lessons from a textbook, it fosters creativity and lifelong relationships between teachers and students and teachers and teachers. I have made such great friends these past few months and students have had just as much of an impact on me as I believe I have had on them. Just as my students learn from me everyday, I learn from them. I push my limits both in and out of the classroom and take risks everyday, living in a culture very different from my own, and it is a an adventure I would not trade for anything.

Wonderland would not have been possible without the skills and strategies I learned during my TEFL course. The TEFL Academy fostered us to not only create lesson plans but to adapt them and make the lessons exciting for students. The 20 hours spent in the classroom was very advantageous because it gave us the opportunity to work together and to explore different creative outlets we can use in the classroom as well as the chance to practice and perfect these lessons on one another. Teacher feedback and peer input is an essential part to being a teacher and curriculum planning and this course certainly allowed for us to utilise these resources.

If you have ever considered teaching and have a desire to travel and see the world, get your TEFL certificate. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am I have this ticket to live anywhere and go anywhere. If these past few months have taught me anything they have taught me that I am meant to be a teacher and that the possibilities are literally endless!

I absolutely love everything about my job!

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