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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in Italy

Not living in my home country means seeing my family once every 3-5 years at the distance between Italy, where I currently live, and Honduras, my birthplace, is significant.

Every single day of my teaching experience has been great.

Luckily, last Christmas my parents came to visit me in Sardinia. On one occasion during our holidays, my mother said: “Tita, remember how you always played being a teacher as a child? Now your dream has come true!” It's funny how life turns out, I have learned to expect the unexpected and what my mother remembers is a nice return to my childhood and my dreams.

I began my TEFL course on September 2016 and completed it four months later. Despite dealing with moving into a new apartment, a demanding job in tourism, being a single Mum and trying to educate a naughty dachshund, finding time for my TEFL study sessions was as important as it was rewarding. Even if I had taught before, I decided to enrol on this course as I felt that completing a program designed for teaching English as a second language would definitely avail my skills as a teacher. This has certainly been so, I'm more organised, I can develop my own lessons and the relevant material and have discovered many ways of making the process of learning English dynamic and enjoyable. This is particulary important to me not only on a professional level but on a personal one as I'm my son's English teacher. With my newly acquired knowledge and the experience built so far, our lessons are always fun!

Thanks to a great friend, I began teaching in November 2016 for The English School located in a beautiful town in Sardinia callid Timpio. Its cobblestone streets, its numerous granite churches and the gothicaragonese influence on the town's architecture make it a magnificent place to work in. My student groups include adults,elementary kids, teens and a student preparing for IELTS. Even though I must drive for about an hour to reach the school, every single day of my teaching experience has been great. Although I'm the teacher, my students also teach me a bit about themselves and their culture in what I believe is a win--win in improving relationships.

I am very sensitive to current worldwide problems, espicially those regarding social issues. Maybe it's because as a Mother I'm not proud of the world my son will inherit or because I come from a country in which tragic econonomic inequalities have caused enormous social distress, I don't know. What I know is that teaching gives me hope and makes me want to believe that something can change through education. To hear my elementary kids tell me that their favourite day of the week is Friday because that's when they come to English lessons or to meet my adult students who come to school despite a long day at work, makes me happy. Education is the only tool that will make us come together. To learn is to have an open and free mind and this is what we need to help us deal with the challenges our global society faces.

After working in many fields, I have finally found what I want to do for the rest of my life!

Every single day of my teaching experience has been great.

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