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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in China

Before I started my TEFL course I had already decided that after I graduated from university, I wanted to teach abroad. The summer before I had spent 2 months in Sri Lanka, volunteering as a teaching assistant and then conducting my own classes.

You will be loved by your students and new community!

I found the whole experience so incredibly rewarding and felt amazed when students went above and beyond what I asked of them. I was also struck by how much the students wanted to be at school and what they had to overcome on a daily basis just to attend. 

When I started the course I had just finished my final year studying law at university and I was looking for a summer job teaching English in China. The course helped me to gain more confidence with teaching and I found a summer job more or less as soon as I finished. The theoretical side of the course taught me so much about the psychology of the classroom and how to get the best out of my students. 

After teaching in Shaoxing, China for 2 weeks I got offered the chance to stay until mid-December, which I've decided to do. It's a great city, not too big and lots to do and see! I work in a brand new private school, which caters mostly for young beginners. Teaching small children can be challenging and hard work but the rewards are endless! The children are very cute and loving - some don't want to leave when their parents come to pick them up!

I really love China, the culture, people and food. I have my own apartment, a good wage and a network of friends. I'm also only 1h30 from Shanghai, so there's always something to do! 

After I've finished work with my current school I'm planning to find a more permanent teaching role, for a bigger company, preferably in Japan or Thailand. I love Asia and I plan to stay here for a while! 

I really love teaching, it's something that makes me feel fulfilled and happy to go to work. I never would have thought that I'd be living and working abroad at such a young age, but if you take the plunge it's worth it! The lifestyle here is great for expats and a teaching wage is very reasonable. Most of all, I feel like I'm doing something good that will help the children to broaden their horizons and opportunities. 

Teaching is a great way to see the world, really experience cultures, learn some new languages and get to know lots of new people. As long as you are friendly, smile-y and happy, you will be loved by your students and new community!

You will be loved by your students and new community!

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