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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in China

My name is Nqobile Nontobeko Phakathi. I am female and 27 years old. I’m from South Africa, KwaZulu Natal province.

I do not think I would be here if it was not for The TEFL Academy.

As I write this piece of my story, I am comfortable resting in my apartment. Yes, it’s Tuesday but I am off at work because I worked during the weekend.

I remember when I told people that I was leaving my current job, they thought I was joking and that I was being crazy. People were like you cannot just leave your job, what are you going to do. They said I will suffer. I knew I wanted something else, something new and exciting. It was just that people around me did not understand my vision. I remember when I first wrote my resignation letter, my principal sat me down and advised me. Yes, I listened but he was unable to change my mind because my mind was made up. She said at least take some leave and think this through. Finally, the resignation process started, and I must say my parents were not happy at all.

I started browsing for teaching jobs abroad and I realised that most adverts were requiring applicants to have a degree, TEFL certificate and teaching experience. I looked at myself and I was sure that I needed one thing which was TEFL. Now I was no longer googling for jobs but for TEFL schools and I came across The TEFL Academy. I checked everything, prices, registration and the school appeared to be legit. I was so lucky they had 50% off and I paid R3500 for my TEFL combined course. I used to go to the library for free Wi-Fi because 148 hours are spent studying online. I must say I learnt a lot from language, lesson planning, classroom management and lot other things. The course was not easy at all but reasonable and doable.

I started following their page on Facebook. I met other people who were also doing the same course. Every time you ask a question on the page they respond very quickly even when you use email. I finished my course within 3 to 4 weeks. I attended live classes at Centurion Lake hotel in Pretoria with 20 other students on Saturday and Sunday. This weekend course was both fun and useful. We did our own lessons and presented them in front of others. I had already done my assignments and I passed them with flying colours.

While I was busy with my TEFL course, I was also applying for a job. I received an offer very easily. They interviewed me, and they said they needed me. We started all the application process, signed the contract and waited for a work permit. The work permit took a while, but I was patient. When they sent me my work permit, I was very excited and went to the Chinese embassy in Sandton. I came back and bought the ticket for R5400. The guy at the embassy asked why I was buying a ticket before getting the visa and I said that I had a feeling that after 4 days, I would be heading to China. My luggage was packed a month earlier. I picked up my Z visa at the embassy and left South Africa.

I arrived in China on the 2 of November 2017. They arranged a very beautiful hotel. I met my colleagues on Friday afternoon and started teaching on 8 of November. The name of my school is American Baby International English situated in a small city called Pizhou. Students, staff and parents are all amazing. I have taught for one week and I know all my classes which are divided according to their level of English. I just need to get used to their names as well. This is a private school and we only teach English. During the week our classes are in the afternoon and at weekends we start in the morning. The environment is lovely, students are excited every day and parents do come into the class towards the end of the lesson to see what you were doing with students. The curriculum is very straight forward, and I am looking forward to starting my second week of teaching tomorrow.

I do not think I would be here if it was not for The TEFL Academy. I am glad I chose them to start my teaching journey abroad.  China is amazing, people on the street are turning around just to look at me. Some ask for photos you would swear I am a celebrity. I am enjoying myself already at work and in my leisure time.

Thank You

I do not think I would be here if it was not for The TEFL Academy.

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