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My name is Rahele Taghizade Moghari and I’m 30 years old. I am from Iran and have been teaching English for almost 11 years.

Teaching English is not just my occupation, it is my favorite hobby and I love it so much.

Teaching English first attracted me because I wanted to experience new cultures whilst developing skills that I could take with me to my next destination. Teaching is not just my occupation, it is my favorite hobby and I love it so much. I love teaching and I am very passionate about it. In the last 3 years, I have worked professionally with children (ages 3-12) and teach them through indirect methods such as Montessori. Teaching children is very rewarding and provides me with lots of energy. However, it is also challenging as the majority of the children are full of energy and always want to play. I utilize this energy to teach them through games and they respond very well to this form of teaching.

English is our second language in Iran and nowadays it is very important for parents to have their children understand the language from an early age. Learning a language in early childhood is actually really good for the child's brain function and development and makes the brain work better and learn in the best way.

Before undertaking my TEFL course I conducted a lot of research into different kinds of websites that offer TEFL courses. After almost one month of deliberation, I chose The TEFL Academy and I am really happy that I made this decision. The main reason that I chose the TTA course is that I wanted to update my knowledge and become acquainted with international teaching methods. In Iran, it is very beneficial for a teacher to have an internationally recognised TEFL certification. I have no doubt that after taking this course, my standard of teaching has improved a lot and I am really happy with this huge achievement.

As I said before I am Iranian and I live full-time here in Iran. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all schools and kindergartens have moved their classrooms online and as such, I am teaching remotely whilst I also have some private classes on the side. I really miss my students, all of them are little kids and every session they tell me; "I miss you a lot" and this makes me really sad. I hope the situation regarding the pandemic can pass by soon so that we can return to our routine life ASAP. I long for the good old days that when we had in-person classes and the great times that we enjoyed so much. 

The TTA TEFL course has helped me a lot in contrast to the last teaching course I took which was about ten years ago and nowhere near the level which I experienced with The TEFL Academy. I learned a lot of useful teaching tips and methods through the TTA course which has helped me further my career. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to be a great English teacher. I will say that I found the course itself was very difficult to complete especially online from Iran by the way it was really difficult to take this online course from Iran, but I did it and I am very proud of myself :D

I really want to teach abroad and visit different countries. That is my aim for the future (post Covid-19). I view English teaching as a vast ocean of opportunities that does not have an end. Thank you to The TEFL Academy for providing me with this ticket to explore the world. 

Teaching English is not just my occupation, it is my favorite hobby and I love it so much.

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