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JANUARY SALE 02/01/2022

Teaching in China

Hello, my name is Becky and I am 22 years old. Before I was teaching English. I was working in Liverpool as a support worker for young adults with learning disabilities.

This course allowed me to be prepared and learn useful things.

I took the TEFL course as I wanted to go off and travel and I had heard of a lot of people have been able to travel while teaching in other countries. I got a job with a company called 'China Plus' who set me up with a school in Dongguan, China. To start work with them I had to have a degree (which I did have) and a TEFL course (which I didn’t). So I had the job but needed to complete the course in order to keep my position. My plan was just to go completely unprepared into teaching as I had never done it before; luckily this course allowed me to be prepared and learn useful things that I could use in the classroom.

I’m currently working with children aged 6-9 in a boarding school in China. It’s in a small town but relatively near to Hong Kong and Shenzhen which is great for travel and trips away at the weekend. I teach 20 different classes a week that usually have around 40 kids in each class. With them being young, I’m teaching them things like how they get to school and the seasons etc. I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks so I’m still getting the hang of the whole teaching thing, but it’s going quite well so far. However, I walked into class this week extremely tired and tried to teach the kids something they weren’t supposed to learn for another year. I just had 40 sets of eyes looking at me like what on earth is she on about? My partner teacher had to really help me out that day.

The TEFL course has been useful especially for someone like me who has never taught before and is still learning how to teach kids English. It’s great because you can go and look at the slides once you’ve finished the course to refresh the memory; which is really good to keep reminding myself what I’m supposed to be doing. I liked that the tests on this course were difficult and really made me think for myself because otherwise I couldn’t be doing the job I am now. It really prepared me for different situations.

My current plans are to travel as much as I can and experience the great country I am in. I couldn't have done any of this without the course as it really helped me to secure the position I wanted and really prepared me for the classroom. I would really recommend this course and hope that anyone reading this is about to start their new adventure in an amazing country as I am doing. It’s really tough moving to another country to start a brand new job, luckily, The TEFL Academy could prepare me a little for my new role and I am enjoying every minute of it!

This course allowed me to be prepared and learn useful things.

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