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Teaching in Vietnam

It was only when I glanced over to the shoe-rack to my left did I notice how small the shoes actually were. As I tried to decide whether I’d ever even seen pairs of shoes that small, I was called into the lab room to take my first ever kindergarten class.

Teaching English as a foreign language has been a brilliant decision

From that moment on, teaching English as a foreign language has been a brilliant decision and a big part of my life.

Having only decided to venture into the world of TEFL with my friend Oliver earlier that summer, completing the course and booking a flight seemed like quite a daunting adventure. However, the course taught us more than we could have asked for. Key skills were covered and alongside practical classroom experience we were given the confidence and faith that has pushed us to travel halfway across the world and live in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

The working week: I wake up; I travel on my scooter, and spend the morning teaching children (ages 3-5) English. After one thousand high fives and even more “Xin Chao’s (Hello in Vietnamese) I grab a 65p Sandwich (Known as a “Banh me”) and take my break. In the afternoon I do it all again. The days are short, I work 4 hours a day (unless it’s a Tuesday, that’s when I take my private classes later on) and then I go home. This is how the week plays out. The beer can go as low as 15 pence a glass and the communities of expatriates that live in Vietnam know how to have a good time. Trust me.

Occasionally we travel outside of city into the country to really make the most of our surroundings. We also spend a lot of time in the parks and around the lakes of Hanoi. The completion of the TEFL qualification itself has enabled me to live a comfortable existence in one of South-East Asia’s most historic cities. The market for English teachers out here is crying to be filled and if you have the drive, confidence and perseverance then teaching English is for you. Besides, it’s a rewarding and positive occupation. The children I teach are eager to learn and the best company I’ve ever had.

Whether you plan to teach in Asia or not, teaching English as a foreign language, to use a cliché, is a ticket to a world you’ve never been to. This job has allowed me to live, enjoy and save money in a stunning part of the world. The freedom of my own bike, a friendly community, a challenging occupation and an unpredictable city sums up my last two months and hopefully many more to come.

If you are questioning whether or not to take the plunge, just think of it this way: The worst that can happen is you fail the course, never teach and become an accountant instead. The best, however, is you discover a new way of earning, living and imparting the wisdom you have.

 Did I mention the beer was 15 pence a glass?

Teaching English as a foreign language has been a brilliant decision

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