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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in Spain

My name is Saoirse Griffin and I am 19 years old! I’m studying to be a primary school teacher here in Ireland and I decided to do a TEFL course to enable me to teach abroad during my summers!

The TEFL Academy really helped me have a good understanding

I felt that this qualification would also be beneficial to me when I qualify as a primary teacher as there may be some students in my class with English as a second language.

The course was intensive, but if you are willing to put in the effort, it is so worth it.

This summer I travelled to Northern Spain to work in an English summer camp. I taught 20 energetic and lively children in an Ikastola (a Basque primary school).

I worked five days a week and I had the weekends free to travel! It was a win win situation.

The children were in between the ages of 8 and 11. They were so eager to learn English and were so willing to get involved in each of my lessons. We had a theme each week in which we focused on key language. We finished the camp with a final day show in which all the children’s parents attended.

They were so excited to show off what they learned over the month and the parents were so proud.

I would really recommend people to work with children if they wish to teach English – it is genuinely one of the most rewarding experiences and I loved every minute of it.

Living in Spain was also a dream in itself. The cost of living there is so cheap and the weather is another bonus. I finished work around 2.30 every day once I finished my planning for the following day. I would then walk to the beach and relax for the day. I really was living the life.

The people there are so kind and welcoming. I also got to practise my Spanish with the locals.

The TEFL Academy really helped me as I had a good understanding of which level of English the children had and how to plan lessons to suit their abilities.

The whole experience was amazing and I am so sad that it’s over. I would really recommend The TEFL Academy to those who want to gain a TEFL certificate. Having a TEFL qualification really broadens your options and it’s so worth it when it comes to travelling and exploring a new country.

I hope to get my degree as a Primary school teacher and travel afterwards. I know that having TEFL will help me when I do apply for jobs abroad.

The TEFL Academy really helped me have a good understanding

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