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Teaching in Brazil

I’m writing this story for you as I swing in my hammock, bathing in the sun, in the beautiful country that is Brazil.

Becoming an English Teacher was the perfect way to try a new life abroad.

Ten years ago, I decided on what options I would study for GCSE, and I was told that this decision would shape the rest of my life – yeah, sure... Take a look for yourself how my life changed drastically from Secondary School to now:

2006 – GCSE Options: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, IT, Psychology, History, etc.

  • “Looks like he has a bright future in science.” - 2008 – A-Levels: Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.
  • “Ah yeah, he will definitely become a scientist.” - 2010 – Start Uni: Physics and Nanoscience BSc
  • “Physics! Wow, there are a lot of good jobs available in Physics.” - 2011 – Travel to Thailand and Laos to volunteer as an English Teacher
  • “Hmmm, that’s a little bit different...” - 2012 – Lead group of volunteers to teach English in Sri Lanka
  • “Shouldn’t you be focusing on your studies in Physics?” - 2014 – Graduate from University in Physics and Nanoscience
  • “Shouldn’t you be focusing on your studies in Physics?” - 2014 – Graduate from University in Physics and Nanoscience
  • “Phew, you’re back on track! Now you can start your career as a Physicist.” - 2015 – Start work as Travel Advisor for student travel/volunteer company.
  • “Hang on, why aren’t you using your degree?” - 2016 (March) – Sign up for the 120 hour TEFL Academy Course
  • “No, stop! You’re wasting your future, what do you think you’re doing?” - 2016 (August) – Move to Brazil and start teaching Private English Lessons
  • “Oh my God, you live in Brazil? You’re so lucky, I wish I could do that too!”

It’s as if I were heading down a road along with everyone else; the one that is expected. However, I spotted a different road; bumpy and rarely travelled. It may have seemed an unconventional diversion in my life, but it felt like exactly the right thing to do at the time. Becoming an English Teacher was the perfect way to try a new life abroad, and that’s why I decided to take The TEFL Academy course.

Being a native speaker is a massive advantage when it comes to searching for a job, but there is a lot more to teaching English. Also, almost all my prospective students ask for some proof of my teaching abilities, so being able to present an official certificate from The TEFL Academy is always enough to prove that I’m the best for the job. As well as providing the qualification, my TEFL Course taught me everything from how to go about planning my lessons, to things such as dealing with the more difficult students.

It may sound cliché, but working as a teacher is hugely rewarding. Working as an English teacher in another country, however, that’s something special! If it weren’t for my TEFL Qualification with The TEFL Academy, I’m not sure any of this would have been possible. Just look back at the timeline for second: I started the TEFL course in March, and in August I was already in Brazil, sipping on Caipirinhas and having Barbeques in the sun every weekend!

Plenty of people will tell you that you’re crazy, that you’re throwing away your future, or that your goals are completely unrealistic. Despite all this negativity surrounding you, you continue to rumble down that untrodden path until you arrive at the end. What greets you when you get there? A new life in a foreign country, experiences of a completely different culture, and a truly satisfying job! Oh, and don’t forget the bunch of people telling you that you are lucky to live this life, as if it just fell in your lap and you didn’t work towards what you wanted – ignore them, you deserve this!

Becoming an English Teacher was the perfect way to try a new life abroad.

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