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How to Begin Teaching in Canada

A truly staggering land of vast plains, huge lakes, iconic mountain ranges and big cities.

Canada is more than its hulking-mountain, craggy-coast good looks.

Canada is a country that offers everything: big cities, the great outdoors, international culture. There are not many countries which can boast such a vast, untouched landscape – Canada is the second-largest country in the world and a lot of it is undeveloped. 

Though there are so many places to visit in Canada, there are a few that stand out. Halifax is known for its historic beauty with beautiful architecture. Prince Edward Island is a quaint little town made famous by Anne of Green Gables. Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and is a good cosmopolitan city for tourists to enjoy. Vancouver is a vibrant, modern city where you can spend the day on the beach or on the ski slopes. Finally, Montreal in the east is uniquely francophone and known for its maple syrup. 

For the outdoorsy types, there are opportunities for whale and bear watching in the nature reserves. A visit to Niagara Falls is a must for everyone, but especially honeymooners! Culturally speaking, there are many different music, theatre, literature and film festivals throughout the year. In total there are 3 million lakes in Canada, taking into account all smaller lakes. Incredibly Canada has 20% of the worlds freshwater.

Of course, one thing that most travellers will tell you that they enjoyed about Canada is the people. Canadians are warm, friendly and generous and testament to this is the number of foreigners living in their cities. So if you’re looking for a safe, clean country to live in that offers outdoor as well as cultural activities, consider teaching in Canada.

With veganism and vegetarianism become alot more popular worldwide Canada is no different. In fact, it is said that 10% of Canadians define themselves as vegans or vegetarians with the figure even higher about those who are younger than 35.

It is most likely common knowledge to most that is gets pretty cold in Canada. In an area like Ottawa the average winter temperature is -14.4 C (6.1 F), which is pretty cold! However, in the small village of Snag, Yukon an eye watering temperature of -63 C (-81.4 F) was recorded in 1947 which is about the same surface temperature as mars.

It is hard to full comprehend but Canada is actually bigger than the European Union, to put that into context, it is 33 times bigger than Italy and 15 times bigger than France and it is more than 30 per cent larger than Australia.

Teaching Opportunities

English and French are the two official languages in Canada, but only about a quarter of the population are fully bilingual. Subsequently there are many language schools around the country offering both English and French lessons to Canadians and immigrants, but teaching opportunities are better in Vancouver and Montreal. As is the case with all language schools, teachers are paid an hourly wage and hours may vary. As with the US, getting a work visa is not easy and there is competition for positions from Canadian teachers.


Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS required3 – 12 months March, April Work permit Students, professionals CND 1 600 – CND 2 300 (£860 – £ 1 245) CND 1 800 – CND 3 000 (£975 – £1 600)
BA/BS required
Work permit
Students, professionals
CND 1 600 – CND 2 300 (£860 – £ 1 245)
CND 1 800 – CND 3 000 (£975 – £1 600)

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