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How to Begin Teaching in El Salvador

El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America but it is the most densely populated

Here you’ll find a glorious coastline with world-class waves

El Salvador is a small Central American country, between Guatemala and Honduras. It has a long and turbulent history in its relations with its neighbouring countries and the US, but after 12 years of armed conflict a peace treaty was signed in 1992 and the country is finally at peace. It has a tropical climate and though it experiences hurricanes and earthquakes, these have left the country with a certain untouched feel and a very dramatic landscape.

El Salvador is known for its seafood and surfing, but let’s not forget the quirky little fishing villages, colonial towns, historical Mayan sites or the unspoilt beaches. Water sports are the norm – paddle boating, water-skiing, wakeboarding – as is soaking in hot springs. It’s even possible to go volcano hiking. After a day spent outdoors, what better way to spend an evening than enjoying the local nightlife? 

There are a number of stunning national parks to be found in El Salvador. The biggest in the country is known as El Imposible National Park in El Salvador, named after the perilous gorge that took the lives of a number of farmers and pack mules that were moving quantities of coffee to the Pacific port. It was officially established on 1 January 1989 and covers an area of 38.20 square kilometers and an altitude of 250 and 1,425 meters. 

The country is commonly referred to as “the Land of the Volcanoes” this is due to the fact that there are 20 volcanoes in the area and of the 20, there are 2 active in recent times, San Miguel and Izalco. A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country is to be found in the country called Joya de Cerén. This was originally a pre-Columbian Maya farming community that was buried under an eruption of the Laguna Caldera volcano c. AD 600. Because of the excellent shape that it remains in, they give an insight into the daily lives of the Central American populations who worked the land at that time.

Teaching Opportunities

Spanish is the official language of El Salvador, though many people speak English and a small percentage of the population speak Izalco. El Salvador is undergoing serious development with increasing industrialisation and has a resulting booming tourism industry. Consequently, with this development comes a need for English. If you have a teaching degree it’ll be possible for you to find employment at a private or international school, otherwise there are numerous language schools where you can find teaching positions; most of these can be found in San Salvador. Another interesting employment opportunity lies in the numerous US call centres which can be found here and which are often looking for teachers to teach their employees English. El Salvador is known for its ecotourism and there are numerous volunteering opportunities in this sector. Volunteers can look after dogs, care for turtles or teach local farmers about organic farming.


Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS required6 – 12 months Year-round Work visa Students, professionals USD 900 – USD 1100 (£600 – £740) USD 1000 – USD 1 500 (£670 – £1 000)
BA/BS required
Work visa
Students, professionals
USD 1000 – USD 1 500 (£670 – £1 000)

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