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How to Begin Teaching in Mongolia

Mongolia's nomadic culture is famous

Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can see the traditions of the past

Ah Mongolia! Land of…what exactly? Any idea? This is the beauty of Mongolia, a country so mysterious many people couldn’t find it on a map. It’s a tiny country bordered by Russia and China and it’s one of the least densely populated countries in the world. So while you may not see a lot of people while you are here, what you will see is a lot of vast, open spaces.
In fact, Mongolia is also known as the Land of the Eternal Blue sky: there are more than 250 days of sun in a year. Don’t let the sunshine fool you – the winters are long and cold (temperatures can drop to -40 °C) and the summers short, but at least you won’t suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. 
So what exactly are the attractions in Mongolia? If you can imagine a place where the nomadic lifestyle is still prevalent, where much of the travel is still done on horseback and the weekend sports are archery and wrestling, then you are on the right track. Mongolia is relatively new to tourism and the country is still very much nomadic and this is the attraction. In terms of food, you can expect a lot of mutton and dumplings and if you’re lucky you will experience a traditional boodog – a goat barbecue where a goat is hunted and cooked (whole with no pot) on hot stones just for you. Another traditional option is staying in a yurt (a traditional hut). So if this is your style, then you should think about Mongolia. 

Mongolia was home to the most powerful and arguably most successful empire of all time. The ruthless Genghis Khan, Emperor of the Mongol Empire became the largest contiguous empire in history. His reign across the 14th Century, 1206-1227 led to the killing of 40 million people about 10% of the population at the time. At the Empires peak they ruled about 16% of the planets surface area and around 25% of the world population at the time. His legacy lives on in his bloodline it's estimated about 16 million people mainly men have his unique generic mutation. To put those numbers another way 0.5% of men around the world are a direct descendant of Khan's.

Incredibly if you are visiting Mongolia it's likely you won't be seeing many clouds. The sky remains cloudless for over two-thirds of the year. Leading to many giving the country the name "the Land of the Blue Sky".

Mongolia has a huge horse culture and plays a major role in the daily lives of Mongols. There's more horse than humans as a result, estimated to be over 2 million horses their primary usage in the country is traveling from A to B.

Teaching Opportunities

Mongolian is spoken in Mongolia and Kazakh in the west, but there are surprisingly numerous teaching opportunities in Mongolia, though most are in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, which is actually quite city-like. It may not be the prettiest city in the world, but it provides an interesting glimpse into the clash of the traditional and the modern in this different country. 
In terms of job opportunities, you could find work in a private school or a language school. The salaries are not very high but neither is the cost of living. Many schools also provide accommodation and flights; some schools might be able to organise you a homestay if you’d really like an authentic experience.


Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS required12 months May, June Z visa Children, professionals MNT 1 800 000 – MNT 2 200 000 (£620 – £760) MNT 2 500 000 – MNT 4 000 000 (£860 – £1 375)
BA/BS required
Children, professionals
MNT 1 800 000 – MNT 2 200 000 (£620 – £760)
MNT 2 500 000 – MNT 4 000 000 (£860 – £1 375)

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