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Bangladesh is a country that only became independent in 1971, when the Bengali-speaking area of East Pakistan ceded from a union with the Punjabi-speaking West Pakistan. The independent nation became known as Bangladesh and has borders with India and Myanmar, whilst also sitting on the shores of the Bay of Bengal to its south. If you find a TEFL job in Bangladesh, you can enjoy a sub-tropical climate which is hit by the region’s monsoon season in the months of June and July.

Bangladesh is a country famous for being crisscrossed with rivers, and taking a trip down some of these is a must-do experience. Nothing beats the feeling of arriving at your destination via the quiet back door of a river, rather than through the mayhem of the overcrowded streets to the front. Although the bordering India and Myanmar are growing as tourist destinations, Bangladesh is still very much off the mainstream tourist routes. Read More

30k! Public School in Shan Dong Hiring Teachers
Posted Date 28 November 2021


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