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As a part of the former Yugoslavia, it should be stated from the outset that finding an ESL or EFL job in Croatia is considerably easier if you are coming from an English-speaking European Union country.

That said, should you be coming from outside the EU, it is not a hopeless endeavour to attempt to find a teaching job if you are qualified and experienced. A common complaint of Croatian employers is that quite often the teachers they do hire are not well versed in teaching English – especially in matters related to grammar, idiom usage, linguistics, classroom management and related issues. As a result, teaching jobs in public schools and institutions of higher learning tend to be restricted to those with master’s degrees, considerable experience and impeccable references. In short, they are looking for seasoned professionals. A bare minimum of a BA, a TEFL certificate (most schools require at least a CELTA) and little or no experience is not likely to land you a job with these schools, where salaries range upward from US $2000 per month. Read More

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