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Home to the largest population of any country in Africa, Nigeria has turned into something of an economic and cultural driving force for the entire continent.

Like most African countries, Nigeria has a colonial past, but is fast moving forward on the world stage and developing rapidly in economic terms, whilst also staying true to its strong and colourful identity. Powered by large oil reserves, Nigeria is trying to show Africa what is possible for its people when they work together. The country is fortunate to have a government that is now trying to use its oil wealth to boost the standards of living of its people, and also the quality of education and the numbers of its youth attending school. Read More

English Teacher
Posted Date 2 November 2020

Kenya > Nairobi : English Teacher

SABIS® is a global education network that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents. Schools in the SABIS® Network educate over 70,000 students and implement a proven, proprietary system.
Education/ Sales Manager
Posted Date 28 August 2020

South Africa > Johannesburg : Education/ Sales Manager

Do you love to learn? Not sure what you're doing this year? Genius Premium Tuition has a position for you in South Africa's pre-eminent Educational Management Team
 Kenyan Legal Consultant - Make a Meaningful Impact from the Comfort of Your Own Home
Posted Date 7 November 2019

Zambia > nakuru,jarkarta, bali and medan : Kenyan Legal Consultant - Make a Meaningful Impact from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Location IHF has no centralised administrative offices and thus relies on volunteers across the globe to help manage and support our international programs and projects remotely. IHF Overview The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) was founded in 2001 and works wit


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