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As a former French colony, English is the official language of the West African country of Senegal. However, a wide range of dialects are also spoken and a large proportion of Senegalese also speak the native language of Wolof.The economy of the country is based primarily on the export of fish, groundnuts and phosphates, however, as one of the more politically stable countries in Africa, tourism is also starting to become a major contributor.For this reason, English language skills are in high demand and thus employment opportunities for ESL/EFL teachers are on the rise and TEFL jobs in Senegal are becoming more popular.

Senegal offers a rich culture and is wellknown for traditional West African storytelling and the passing down of history from one generation to the next through both words and dance.Hospitality and food are also important parts of the country’s identity, with fish, legumes, couscous, rice and peanuts, which are the country’s main export crop, all commonly eaten.Typically, meat or vegetables are cooked slowly with abundant herbs and spices and served with a starch such as rice, couscous or bread. Read More

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