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South Africa is a truly unique country offering an eclectic mix of cultures, languages, customs and history.The country’s large area is home to a vast array of natural beauty, from stunning coastlines, tropical rainforests and arid desserts to sprawling mountain ranges. These habitats all support a huge range of wildlife and South Africa is an excellent place to observe animals on a safari.Surfing and other outdoor pursuits are also popular pastimes due to the generally mild climate.TEFL jobs in South Africa are an excellent way for ESL teachers to experience the country for an extended period of time.

Of the three capital cities in South Africa, Cape Town is perhaps the most wellknown and popular with tourists due to its unique mix of interesting architecture, stunning beaches and cultural activities.It is, however, only the third-largest city, with the economic centre of Johannesburg more than twice its size.Both of these cities are good starting points for finding TEFL jobs in South Africa. Read More

Education/ Sales Manager
Posted Date 28 August 2020

South Africa > Johannesburg : Education/ Sales Manager

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