Is it possible to teach English abroad with children?

Is it possible to teach English abroad with children?
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Having children should never hold you back from travelling and pursuing your dreams, and many countries and schools agree. So, yes, it is entirely possible to teach abroad with kids. However, there are several things to consider before deciding whether it is the right option for you and your family. What are the financial implications of teaching English abroad with children What options will I have for my children’s education What about medical insurance and access to healthcare What about visas for my children Also, when you're teaching with kids, some countries are a bit more family-friendly than others. Consider working in countries with higher ESL teacher salaries. Some of the reasons that teaching abroad with a family can be a great choice for your family It's Probably More Affordable Although this may not be the case in all popular teach abroad destinations, it’s certainly true for many. Keep in mind, however, that every country and every school offers different salaries and benefits. Before committing to a teach abroad destination, it's important to research the salaries, benefits, and overall cost and quality of living so you can pick the job and destination that’s right for you and your family. For example, most schools in Asia pay enough for one person to live comfortably. Some also provide accommodation -- but only for single teachers. Even so, many of those schools are willing to give housing allowances and assistance for teachers who need something bigger for their families. In other teach abroad destinations, like jobs for teaching in the Middle East benefits for you to bring your entire family are commonplace. You Will Have Opportunities to Travel It's no secret that teaching jobs anywhere mean great holiday time due to school/class schedules; there is no exception with teaching jobs abroad. All schools give their employees a certain amount of holiday days and personal leave. You can also expect national holidays off, depending on the country you're teaching in. Every school is different in the amount of holiday time they give their employees, but you can still expect some pretty good time off and use that time to travel around with your family. You can explore your new home country, or journey internationally to explore the new region you're living in. Another great thing about teaching English abroad with a family is that you can invite other members of your family from your home country to visit! You Become a Tighter Family Unit You should be confident of your reasons to make this big life change with your family. Are you doing it to make a better life for your family? Are you doing it for an immersive cultural experience? You also need to make sure this is something your whole family wants to do. Include your children in the discussion by having them think about what they can learn by living in another country. Ask your children what kind of activities they would like to pursue in the new country. Since you'll be far away from your families, your family will become very self-sufficient. Furthermore, living abroad empowers you as a family to face language barriers, culture shock, new ideas, and lifestyle changes together, and you can adapt in ways that work for you and your family -- especially since what might be the norm in your host country may not correlate easily with your own values and preferences for raising a family. These are just a few of the reasons that teaching abroad might be right for your family. There are many more you'll likely experience first-hand once you're there, too!

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