What Is The Average Salary For Teaching Abroad In Spain?

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There is are lots of things to take into account when examining the average salary for teaching abroad in Spain. Spain is known for its low cost of living, so even though your teaching salary may seem a bit dismal when compared with what you can earn at home, you’ll find your Euros go a lot further in Spain than your Pounds do at home.

Accommodation is usually your biggest expense. Rent for an apartment will cost you about €400 to €800, obviously depending on which city you are living in and which area you are living in, but this is including utilities. Also, it’s very common to share an apartment which would cut this cost in half.

A meal for two with drinks can cost you as little as €25. For lunch, the menu del dia (the menu of the day) is usually the best option which includes two courses, a beverage and a dessert or wine for around €15. Groceries are pretty affordable too, but for the most part you’ll probably eat out anyway. 

There is no need to have a car in Spain. Spanish cities are very pedestrian-friendly and if you don’t feel like walking public transport is readily available and affordable. The fare for one-way public transportation is around €1.  Even travelling between cities is reasonable on public buses and trains.

If you add up living expenses (if you’re sharing), food, travelling and entertainment you’re looking to spend about €600 a month so you’ll be able to live comfortably but probably not save too much.

Before moving to Spain you will need to have some savings to see you through the first 4-6 weeks including rent and deposit.  The average cost of living in Spain is €1,000-€1500. To give you an example of how a TEFL teacher spends their salary check out the list below.

Teacher Sample Budget 

Accommodation (shared or one bedroom): €500 

Utilities (electricity, gas, water): €115 

WIFI & Phone: €40

Transportation: €30

Food: €150

Entertainment: €100

Contract benefits in Spain

Unfortunately, there are not many contractual benefits to teaching in Spain. Airfare is usually not included, probably because teachers are already in the country when they apply for jobs. Accommodation is also not usually included but it’s common to find apartments with other teachers. Health insurance should be covered by most employers.

What is the Average Salary for Teaching Abroad in Spain

The average teaching salary for teaching abroad in Spain is €1000-€1500 per month. The area of your teaching placement, your teaching role, and the type of establishment you work at will influence your wages. The more experience you have the higher the teaching position you can land in the school which will determine where you fall on the pay scale. If you are working in a larger city you can expect to earn more than in smaller towns, but cities often have higher living costs. 

English Teaching Assistant Program  €880 – €1,162

The English Language Assistant Internship in Spain is run by Meddeas. The internship is available for recent university graduates (within 4 years) that hold a TEFL certificate. Meddeas places interns in more than 200 private schools all over Spain. Language assistants are native-level speakers of English that deliver conversational English lessons to groups of 15 students between 20 – 24 hours a week. What’s more, teaching assistants can choose to have full board accommodation with a host family or can live in independent housing. 

Private Language Schools and Institutes: €15- €20 Per Hour 

One of the major perks of teaching English in Spain is that you don’t need a degree. If you are an EU citizen with a C1 level of English and hold a Level 5 TEFL certificate, you can look for work in private language schools and institutes. Language institutes are primarily aimed at teaching English to adults in university, business, or tourism sectors. First time English teachers can expect to make €15-20 per hour. Full-time hours are considered 25 hours per week in the classroom, so the average monthly wage would be €1500-€2000. Jobs are often advertised on online ESL forums, but some of the better jobs can be found directly in the country. Most positions can be found in bigger cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville. Head to your city of choice and search for a job on the ground. The peak hiring season in Spain is September- October 

Average Salary for Teaching Abroad in Spain?
What is the average teaching salary in Spain?

International School €1600-€3000

Working in an international school is lucrative, but it requires further qualifications and experience. Teaching in an international school requires a TEFL qualification, bachelor’s degree in Education or related field, teaching certification like a PGCE, and at least one year of teaching experience. International schools provide more security as teachers are generally employed on a permanent basis and receive assistance with accommodation.

Summer Camps €200-€500 per month 

By the end of June the school year winds down and many people pack up and flock to the beaches. In July and August, summer camps are an ideal way to earn money. You can begin applying for theses positions in May. At summer camps teachers are typically expected to give daily English lessons and facilitate sports, arts and crafts, and social activities. Excursions to local attractions can also be included in teacher tasks, which make it more fun than anything. Contracts are short in summer camp typically 4-12 weeks — great for those looking to experience Spain short term. Accommodation and food are typically included for teachers, so you can save all your money which makes up for the low salaries. 

Private Lessons: €15-€22

For extra cash, many TEFL teachers supplement their income by giving private lessons. Teachers tend to charge anywhere from €15-€22 per hour for private lessons. The more experience and qualifications you have the higher you can charge. Teaching private lessons is a great way to sharpen your teaching skills and meet with locals. Most teachers find additional students by word of mouth, or you can put up advert filers or add your skills to classified websites. 

As you can see, living and teaching in Spain is not a way to make millions, or even pay off your student loan, but Spain is a good choice for teachers who are looking to gain some experience and have the time of their lives doing it.


Hi, I would like to know what is required for a South African to teach in Spain? And are there recruiters I can go through? Thanks

Matt, 23rd July 2020

Is it really possible to teach English in spain and for me it would be easier to teach English there because I can speak Spanish also
And one thing more who would provide me the working visa
And I would like to work in any field in spain
Can you please help me?

Sumit Shekhawat, 13th March 2020

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