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Our Impact

Education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. The TEFL Academy is proud to announce we have partnered with United World Schools to build a primary school in Kanpur, Nepal! Together, we will bring education to children in some of the most remote communities, empower students, and ultimately teach the unreached. Through our major project, we are educating these young children, we are giving them the tools needed to flourish and choose their own pathway in life, and helping them to break out of the poverty cycle.

Our Goal

Our goals are aligned with those of UWS. We equally have a passion for education and seek to empower children through this. Our goal is to build and maintain a school in the remote community of Kanpur, Nepal so that the children in that community can go to school and receive an education. Not only will The TEFL Academy be funding the build of the school, but also the resources and materials needed for the first year of schooling. Before now, these children would have no access to formal schooling. We aim to have at least 150 students enrolled in this school by mid-2021.


Month 01

Community Identified and proposed to The TEFL Academy as location for the new school.

Partnership is launched and the first donation made, allowing UWS to begin work...

Month 2-3

UWS work with the community to find appropriate site for the build, carry out community engagement visits and meet with local authorities.

Procurement of materials begins and UWS recruit locals to volunteer to build the school.

Month 4-6

The school build begins. 4-8 classrooms are built depending on need. Additionally we build a latrines, access to clean drinking water and a teachers house.

Engagement visits continue to take place and a UWS Education Officer is assigned to the project.

Month 7-8

UWS work with the community to recruit and train community members to become community teachers.

Local government commit to allocating government teachers to the new school.

Month 8-12

UWS embark on an enrollment campaign to ensure families are committed to sending their children to school.

The school is opened with a celebratory ceremony.

UWS work closely with the community for the inaugural months to develop a School Support Commitee.

Who are United World Schools?

United World Schools (UWS) works in some of the world’s poorest regions to provide free primary education to children in these remote, marginalized areas. They collaborate with communities that are determined to break out of the poverty cycle and in return, receive a commitment that they will send their children to school, including their girls (promoting gender equality). United World Schools help transforms communities, giving them a new sense of hope.

Why UWS?

We only work with partners that share the same values and vision as we do, so when the opportunity came up to partner with UWS on such a monumental project, we knew we’d be a perfect match. We believe that education transforms lives and every child should have access to education. United World Schools strive to improve, through education, life opportunities for some of the world's poorest children living in remote and marginalised communities - a truly inspiring mission. We are forming a synergistic partnership whereby together we can teach, enrich, and empower, for generations to come.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The TEFL Academy is committed to enforcing positive change through education. We are funding and supporting the build of a primary school in Nepal so that the local children will have access to education, something that would not have been previously possible. By breaking the cycle of illiteracy, these children will be able to build a better life and lift their families out of poverty.

How you can help

There are currently over 258 million children without access to primary education but together, we can change that.

Support us on our journey of educating these children and let's give these families a brighter future.

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We are currently developing an online Volunteer Program with UWS for our TEFL Academy graduates! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on how you can get involved!

A message from UWS CEO,
Tim Howarth...

“We are really excited to be launching this innovative partnership with The TEFL Academy, where together we will support hundreds of children to access an education. Partnering with like-minded people and organisations within the education sector creates a true force for change, and together we are much more than the sum of our parts. By working together we will empower teachers and students in Nepal to reach their full potential and create pathways for their futures. Working with the team at The TEFL Academy will bring about new opportunities for United World Schools and the thousands of children and teachers we support. Together we will transform lives.”