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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in China

My name is Jonny Allen, 35 years old from England. Before I decided to make the change to become an ESL Teacher I was managing and working in bars, pubs and night clubs around the world. I wanted something more from life and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my horizons, start a new career and better myself. I chose The TEFL Academy to complete my 120-Hour Course as I had seen great reviews and testimonies about the company and I wasn’t disappointed.

Remember The TEFL Academy is the place to do it!

From the first day the instructor was professional, diligent and very helpful in answering any questions that we had whilst still maintaining a fun environment. This is something I have taken forward and do with my own lessons!

I originally did the 120-hour TEFL Course in Brighton over 2 years ago, but through my procrastination I didn't complete it for another 18 months which is something regret, don't do what I did. Study hard, get it done and get out there. You'll never regret it!

I'm currently teaching in Beijing, China for a company called First Leap which I'm really enjoying.

I co-teach classes with Chinese teachers and we teach a variety of different subjects from, Drama, Art, Science, World Culture, Global Leadership, Logical Critical Thinking, Book Reading and Art.

I currently have 12 classes which is roughly 120 students. Each class can vary in size from 5 students to the maximum of 14 students with classes lasting either 35, 40 or 50 minutes depending on the age of the students which can be from 3 to 10 years old! Some 3 year olds are surprisingly smart!

The TEFL course has helped me a great deal in preparing me for the challenge of such a drastic career change, their support throughout has been first class and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of doing the same thing!

You honestly never know what to expect in the classes, the kids are so much fun. I was doing a World Culture lesson the other week, and asking the students to guess where I was from. I had guesses ranging from the U.S.A to... the U.S.A. Then I got to Steven and, bless his heart, he could see I was I bit sad that no-one could guess where I was from so he said U.S.B! I was crying laughing, it was so cute. Bless the technological age!

China has been such a change but a great change; everyone has been very welcoming and helpful! The amount of people takes a bit of getting used to but hey, when in China! I'm looking to extend my traveling by moving to another country when my contract ends here. I'm considering Europe or South America as there's so much more of the world to see and wonderful people to meet...and teach!

Remember The TEFL Academy is the place to do it!

Much Love from China!

Remember The TEFL Academy is the place to do it!

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