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JANUARY SALE 01/18/2022

Teaching in Cambodia

It’s funny how life turns out, after completing my A levels I was all set and ready to start a primary teaching course in London. I changed my mind at the last minute thinking I made the wrong decision.

Cambodia is a beautiful country with so many attractions to see and do

3 years later I gained a science degree, but was struggling to find a job in it, and got stuck in a 9-5 role.  After two years my partner and I decided to make the jump and travel abroad. I have learned that life moves in mysterious ways, your destiny always seems to find you no matter what happens.

Wondering how we were going to fund our travels, I came across the TEFL certificate and decided to give it a go. We researched different organisations offering the TEFL course, but I felt that The TEFL Academy had the best rapport from previous students, and seemed like a great choice being locally available in Liverpool as well. I completed the practical part of the course in February 2016. We were so eager to get on the road and travel that we completed the online course in Thailand! I was not disappointed with the course, it was thorough and contained the core concepts of teaching English. I can now efficiently plan and produce coherent lessons, making the most of the time I have with the students.

After backpacking the well trodden Southeast Asia trail, my partner and I have settled in Cambodia for the year to gain valuable experience in our new teaching career. We began volunteer teaching for two months in a local NGO, situated in the beautiful town of Siem Reap. Its green rice paddy fields, roaming buffalo, rich French influence on the town’s architecture makes it a wonderful place to work.  After volunteering for two months we started to apply for jobs and were inundated with job offers. I now work in a private school with around 25 children per class. Even though it can be hectic and long days (from 7.30 am- to 5 pm), I have learned so much from the students, and feel it is a win-win situation. I teach them English and they teach me about their way of life and culture!

Cambodia is a beautiful country with so many attractions to see and do. I currently live near one of the World Heritage Sites: Angkor Wat, and often cycle to see the sun set behind the temples. The cheap living and hot climate make it even more inviting here. My partner and I have been all over Cambodia thanks to their high number of national holidays. We have seen the coastal islands, gone for treks in the wild jungles of Rattanakiri, and seen amazing wildlife spectacles in nearby National Parks.

I will teach in Korea after this term, having gained one year of valuable teaching experience I want to take my new skill to the next level. There are so many beautiful places to visit, teaching in all these countries is a great way to integrate into the local culture and immerse yourself in all aspects of the country.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting an adventure and yearning to try something different!

Cambodia is a beautiful country with so many attractions to see and do

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