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Teaching in China

Hi, my name is Megan; I’m 22, a graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University and am a little country-bumpkin who somehow ended up in China.

Enjoy every moment of your TEFL experience.

About a year ago I decided that I was going to invest in my future and try and get my TEFL certificate but had no idea how much it would change my life. TEFL was a really easy choice for me as it combined three things that I love the most: English, travel and working with young people.

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to travel, but for me not working as I went was never an option. To fund any exploring I wanted to do I would have to get a job and TEFL offered me this. My internship in China has been so much more than I could have ever imaged; with a team that offers endless support and are always keen for a laugh and a joke. As all people who live away from home know, there can be some challenges and sometimes it can be quite tough. Getting to grips with a new language, a new culture, a new team can be difficult, but learn to just appreciate where you are and the experience you’re having and I think you’ll enjoy it so much more.

The school that I have been based at has around 200-250 students ranging from ages of 3 up to 13 and whilst the majority of my teaching time was spent in the classroom, I have also carried out some one-to-one tutoring with adults, as well as preparing a few students for the IELTS exams. Although sometimes I felt a little out of my depth,I have developed valuable skills that I can now take into my TEFL career. The next stop for me is to pop home for a month and then head to Sicily, where I will be joining another English Language School for 10 months.

China has been one of the craziest, funniest, most challenging things that I have ever done and I wouldn’t change my experience for the world. The TEFL course helped me to experiment in the classroom with different techniques and methods and allowed me to explore what worked best for my students. Even if you don’t know what your ‘game plan’ might be, take on TEFL and see what opportunities come your way.

Finally, a word to the wise, enjoy every moment of your TEFL experience as you could well find that your time has run away from you and that the next adventure is around the corner. HAPPY TEACHING AND HAPPY TRAVELS!

Enjoy every moment of your TEFL experience.

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