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JANUARY SALE 01/18/2022

Teaching in Turkey

Before becoming a full-time teacher, I was a copywriter. Since my childhood, I have had a strong relationship with words, and this interest led to reading more, learning more, writing more, being a confident speaker, and finally becoming a teacher.

I enjoy every moment I spend online with my enthusiastic, wonderful, and brilliant students.

I hold a master’s in Translation Studies and I used to work as a bilingual (English and Persian) copywriter in the pioneer companies of the capital of Iran. While working as a copywriter, I was an English tutor as well. But one day, I decided to switch my priorities of copywriting and teaching in my life and made teaching my main job, while my love for writing became more of a hobby. Well, that decision was the first step in changing my life completely.

I called a friend who was an English teacher in Turkey, and she told me that there are good job opportunities for English teachers in Turkey if you are a good English teacher!

I visited job search websites and the more I read job descriptions, the more the need for getting a teaching certificate was highlighted. I kept asking myself “I hold a master’s in English translation Studies, I am educated in this field, I have been an English tutor for years why do I need to take another course for teaching”. This might be your question as well, but let me answer this in the following.  

How I Met The TEFL Academy!

Before immigrating to Turkey, I found some job opportunities in Istanbul, and on a six-day trip, I tried to attend all the interviews. From all those interviews, I found out that holding a teaching certificate is a necessity if you want to be a teacher at a good school or institution. 

I found a job as a teacher in a language institution, but they didn’t require me to get a teaching certificate. At first, I was happy, but later I found out that none of the high-profile schools or language institutions in Turkey would accept a teacher without having a TEFL qualification.

I started working at the language institution, but I did not feel like I was in the right place. That is why I started to find a good way to get an accredited TEFL qualification, I wanted to find a better job. Since I was working from dusk to dawn, I did not have time to take in-person courses. I was looking for an accredited online teaching training course and asked some friends who were already successful English teachers. The answer was: The TEFL Academy.

I clearly remember that it was the 2nd of February 2020 that I enrolled in their Online Level 5 course and I immediately started to discover my panel. I was lucky to enrol with a great discount which was offered on those days.  The website was amazingly user-friendly and all topics were well-organized, carefully-crafted, and crystal clear. I had 6 months to complete the course, but the content was so rich and interesting that I finished the whole course in 2 weeks. 

Do I really need to take a Teacher Training Course?

Do you remember this question that I kept asking myself? To my surprise after completing the course, the answer was a big “YES”.  To be honest, I think that it was just after the TEFL course that I could call myself a real teacher. It was a great joy to learn how to design a detailed and wonderful lesson plan, to learn how to use my communication skills to the fullest, how to grade my language in different lessons, how to encourage my students, and how to make them fall in love with English and replace all the struggles with joy in their English learning journey.

How TEFL and My Dream Job Came Hand in Hand!

As I told you earlier, I finished the course in two weeks but The TEFL academy also requests 3 series of assignments to complete your course. I was more than happy to see the changes in my teaching knowledge while preparing the assignments. 

While doing my assignments, I was offered a good job opportunity in one of the top schools of Istanbul and I wasn’t surprised when they asked for a TEFL certificate. In that interview, I was more confident than ever, I had an amazing demo with a very rich and well-organized lesson planner thanks to what I learned from The TEFL Academy. 

Now, I am a member of a very professional team whom I appreciate a lot, and I’m so proud to be the English teacher of wonderful students. Since starting my new job, all schools have moved online in Turkey and I didn’t have the chance to have in-person lessons with my new students, but I enjoy every moment I spend online with my enthusiastic, wonderful, and brilliant students.

Thank You to the TEFL Academy! 

The TEFL Academy played an important role in the happiness I feel today for teaching me how to be a good teacher. Their platform, content, and support team gave me one of the best online learning experiences, and my TEFL certificate granted me the opportunity to be a professional English teacher to many wonderful students.

You Have an Amazing Journey Ahead!

I’m really happy that I shared my story with you, and I hope that it will inspire you to take your steps confidently, and enjoy being a wonderful English teacher. A job that enables you to emigrate, change your country, meet new people, teach amazing students, inspire people and get inspired and discover the world from a very different perspective.

I enjoy every moment I spend online with my enthusiastic, wonderful, and brilliant students.

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